Guess I gave myself no choice but to be a little more communicative and post more… if for anything – it’s to put space (and entries) between myself and the hell-ride of 2008.

I always clean my desk up and stuff over the new year – but this year it feels different.

well – I’ve got more crap my desk that’s for sure….

In other purgative news.

I had an analog media panic attack.

First big change or decision for 2009? –

I didn’t update a single magazine subscription.

There was a collection of 5, count ’em 5, knee-high piles of magazines in my office.

Would get ’em…. sit ’em down and say “i’ll read it later”.

Later never comes.

Then I’d get this anxiety twinge every time I look at them over there….

Oh – I still squirreled a stack away – but the rest have either been sent off in the recycling, given out to friends or my favorite:

Planting my back issues of the super-dooper left-wing Adbusters in my Father’s various doctors offices – (all located in affluent, establishment dependent suburban settings).

moo ha ha ha ha

PS- Yes – we subscribed to Playboy for two or three years…..

…. for the articles.

… no… I mean really…