Had this one done around my birthday but then wound up fiddling with it on and off while hibernating through the winter.

Given the theme it seemed better to throw this up here at the break of Spring when everything comes back to life… Nature’s systems resume the process of creation and we’re reminded the ghost is still in the machine kicking… or is that dancing.

Today’s the birthday of a very special friend who has not only inspired my ghost to dance – but has taught me a few new steps as well… ( and God damn can he cha-cha.)

Happy Spring – and… Happy Birthday to my ghost dancing brother out West.


track list:

Feel So Close 2U
Our Lips “our” Sealed
Glad You Came
Show Me Maybe
Jessie’s Girl
Seven Loca Rattle
Flex Gym Duck
Que Sera Mi Vida
I Love It
Wile One Two

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dedication: Chris Head
series inspiration: Ken “Beast” Colina
the hard stuff: MixMeister v. 7.0.9