boys who like girls who like girls who like….

warrior princess

My Wednesday on… Headed downtown for the usual pop-in / loiter visits at clients.

Most folks were either out or on vacation so I took the afternoon doing some portfolio shots of the structural branding (my new fancy schmancy term for “signs”) I did at the ballroom and cafe.

I’ve got to allocate some time on self-promo this week.

I haven’t heard a peep outa the agency I met with. Over the years I’ve noticed the larger the firm, the slower they are: Paying invoices… Returning emails… etc… I’ve done everything but stand on Leah with both feet to get some sort of insider feedback, but she’s been resisting.

Headed to the bar and worked on their September ad spots and coped a headache buzz on Pinesol fumes.

Then off to the mortgage broker client originally just to steal away behind the building with the smokers of the office and say hello – but turned into an impromptu brianstorming session and quick ad layout. wee.. Something billable.

I think I have a crush on the one lesbian loan officer.

I think I don’t have a blog too.