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I’ve known (of) Jake for twenty years throughElise – but we’d never met. At that time he was just just that hot waiter at Brandts – and thoroughly unobtainable. (hetero). Thanks to the evil of The Great Book of Faces we’d start chatting and pinged pretty good off each other which eventually lead to a few marathon phone shoot-the-shit-a-thons at the end of last year.

At 40 you care a lot less about whether or not someone’s an obtainable sexual conquest and a lot more about the stuff people are made of. After our inaugural hang out of last night, I can say Mr. Mote is made of some nice stuff indeed: gentle humility, empathy and healthy helping of the kind of wisdom you get from taking the longer way around the block….. Thoroughly charming.

yes yes yes….. and there’s that epic ginger beard. *faints* (I’m man-crushing a little.) He was a good sport about it and let me shoot his portrait. (I did warn him he’d likely blow up on Tumblr among my circle of friends.)

MO/BRO friendships are really rewarding… I cherish all of mine… ( and bonus… boys don’t get jealous like my beloved girlfriends who I must keep separated – less they claw eachother’s eyes out )

Received a heartwarming text the next day from Mr. Mote about the evening… He’s quite the wordsmith:

“It was lovely – and past due. You guys have this great cadence of speech with each other. It’s something that only comes with time I think, like a rhythm where the chaff of unnecessary syllables (if not entire phrases) is completely ignored. Fuzzy telepathy, maybe? So no… Thank you mister.”

sing it gurl

Trent Reznor used to have the corner of the “fucked up from a break up” market… until this female singer named Adele emerged within the last year or so.

If you get through her album in one emotional piece you just want to send her flowers and give her a hug.

Sex sells.
Empathy sells better…

If you can listen to a song and go “oh wow… sing it gurl,… I know your pain.” – that’s sheer goldmine material… and goldmine it’s been… and good on her…

Her single “Rolling in the Deep” was ironically getting heavy radio play right around the time my heart got torn out and chewed up. The last verse of the song became almost a daily affirmation for me which got me through most of the pain. I wrote an abbreviated passage from the song on the mirror in my room so I’d see it every day.

Throw your soul through every open door
Count your blessings to find what you look for
Turn my sorrow into treasured gold
You’ll pay me back in kind and reap just what you’ve sown

Turn it into gold she has – she’s sold a ton of records.

get grateful - get to work!

I took sister-thang’s advice and poured my ache right into projects… work…. and myself:
January and February 2012 were record months for my business – puling more billable hours per-month than I have in 4 years.
I’m back to the gym and looking like I give a shit about my body again.
I’ve got 3 entrepreneurial irons in the fire with colleagues.

Thanks Adele…  you rumplestiltskin of the heart.

Keep spinning that gold from your broken heart strings…. and good lord girl – find yourself a good man. You deserve one… (and so do i – but I can wait on that.)


worth it

“Oh yeah? Name me 10 reasons love isn’t worth it.”
One of many FaceTime therapy sessions with cubby late last year … A semi debate? Regarding the concept of Love. It was right around the time my personal life de-rezed – (by my own hands no less) – in the name of “Love”…. which.. turned out to be bullshit). Despite this I was still defending the the “concept” of Love…This lead to the eventual “oh yeah? tell me 10 reasons love isn’t worth it”…

I had forgotten I captured this conversation… Totally timely I’d run across the clip today…

I agree with every point – where we differ lays in “is it worth it”… I don’t know anymore. I suspect the answer lies somewhere between my sardonic young friend and the pathetic prey I was before being taken down.

I told him he was being recorded so in 15 years we can reconvene watch it and answer the question then.

One us will be buying beers that night.