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Kitchen, North Wall

Chad’s still working supervisor shifts so our normal weekend schedule was skewed. He worked till close both Saturday and Sunday so we stayed up till he got home. My internal clock is off now.

Kevin took the evenings to devour two F. Paul Wilson books – (his new author-obsession dejour). I perched at the dining room table in my usual spot to dink around online… but then looked up and got distracted… “God I hate our cabinets”.

Of course, trips to Costco require militant budgeting right now – but it’s fun to dream… and we “will” eventually one day be able to re-do the kitchen.

So.. tape measure in hand, and having manufacture websites handy and the useful scaling / measurement pallets in FreeHandMX- I roughed out the geometry for “Kitchen 2.0”.

Since I was essentially daydreaming, I didn’t bother spec’ing rational appliances. (I’m cursed with a love of the impractical high end crap).

0:IKEA: AKURUM system cabinetry with HALLARUM Eucalyptus Brown Fascia.
1: Sub-Zero 700 Series Integrated all-refrigerator (w/ two drawers). Dedicated, large capacity upright freezer to go into the utility core.
2: BOSCH SHV99A03 9 Cycle Dish Washer
3: LG Microwave Toaster combo..(wee! we already have that).
4&5: WOLF 48″ Gas Range (4 burner + Griddle) and hood.

hmm.. If I had a blog I would ask one of my more savvy friends if there was a way I could segregate out house-related posts like this to make a sort of virtual scrap-book and planning scratch-pad that I can refer back to easily.

mmm. useful. …. Maybe there IS a use for that blog thing everyone’s talking about.