nick-knack, patty-whack

Workday was a blur. The afternoon was taken up mostly by a walk through of the ballroom client’s space with my friend the architectural photographer. These scouting meetings are always an exercise in patience… We’ll walk the whole space and talk about angles…. props…

It’s worth the time – these shoots are expensive… It takes anywhere between 2 and 4 hours to make do one image – depending on set up, lighting, props, etc.

Friend Daniel had to go in for surgery last week and is stuck at home zonked on pain meds and jonzing for a cigarette… So – like any good enabler, we stopped and picked him up a pack after work.

Hung out at his place and kept him company and took turns seeing how tightly wound we could wind Biscuit, Daniel’s Jack Russell terrier.

By the time we left, Daniel’s nicotine fit was satiated and the dog was napping.

Good deed for the day done.

Time to not blog.