here kitty

Yesterday was a supreme asskicker. I went to bed at about 8pm and woke up at 2:30am and got to work.

The day was spent calling on clients with my last stop being a new one, a referral from an old college buddy who’s moved out of town.

The new client has several ventures – we tackled his first project for his art gallery for a few hours and later jumped in his car and headed about 40 minutes out of the city to enlighten me to his other venture: professionally trained guard dogs.

Apparently the “pro-dog” community way out there gets together once a week at a public field and does training exercises. guard dog training

The training is also associated with a sport called “schuntzhund” (I’m probably misspelling / mispronouncing it) – which is basically attack training and obedience reworked into a competition sport.

These folks take their dogs realllllllly seriously…. Most of the mutts being imported from Germany or Eastern Europe.

Aside from experiencing something I’d never seen before – it was extremely interesting chatting Mr. New Client guy during the commute. He’s a very interesting character with lots of fun stories. I’m looking forward to working with him and the possibility and probability of adding him to my collection of interesting people I call friends.

It was really too dark to make any images without relying completely on strobe. (ick) And my sleep deprivation also kept me from being as observant as I like to be when I’m thrown into new and odd situations.

It’s also the sleep deprivation that’s keeping me from crafting anything clever and stylized about my experiences.

I’m too tired to deny blogging.