They seem to take golf carts REALLY serious down where we were staying. I always figured they just sold these things mail-order or out of the back of golf-pro shops…. apparently not.. or at least not in a big golf town like Myrtle Beach.

Right next to the RV store at the front of “the compound” was,… get this… a golf cart dealership. Complete with showroom, repair desk AND accessory mod-shop.

It was just like you’d see at a car dealership… only miniaturized.

Lift-kits,knobby tires and alloy wheels were the most popular mods for these carts… But I also saw some driving around with those little “glow kits” that throw purple light on the pavement below you as you drive. Funny how pop repeats itself.

I personally liked the stripped down rental units with their clean white bodies, vinyl applied numbers in helvetica and a single, simple round mono-headlight… (They just “seemed” more futuristic in a Logan’s Run kinda way to me).

Chad’s folks model is pretty basic – which was just fine…. Sure, we got our share of looking down upon from the post-mid-life crisis guys with their lifted, glow-kit installed, boiler-plate clad, Harley Davidsonâ„¢ limited-edition carts…. But it was hours of fun to pass by these guys and estimate just how small their cocks must be.

“Wow… sorry about your penis.”


“Carry on with Jesus”

(the northern accent throws ’em every time.)


I’m not blogging.


I said I’m hot dogging.