Barbara – my brain coach – has been encouraging me to shoot more just for shits-n-gigglesand brought up the current orchid show at The Missouri Botanical Gardens… I figured it’d be something to invite Chad along to since he’s bozo for plants and any excuse to eat at the Persian joint down in that neck of the woods is a good thing.

The show was contained in a large sky-lit, heavily climate controlled room attached to the Missouri Botanical Garden’s main entry… Along the winding path through the exhibit you’re confronted with all types of orchids (some of which I’ve never seen before) along with these strange Myan-themed decorations.

I mean – to the defense of the gardens… They put on the show every year and I reckon they feel the need to “dress” up the show with extra stuff to keep interest up for people to return every year….

… that or there’re hiding a meth-adicted window dresser from the department store era in the basement and let them out once a year to blow off steam.

So anyway – you’ve got this room full of pretty flowers populated by these moss-covered mannequins in various poses… yeah – kinda creepy…. and kinda hot if you transpose my hirsute fetish in a Swamp-Thing kinda way.

and yea – when I downloaded my pics – I had more pics of moss-covered limbs than orchids.

I’m not a flower freak anyway… What’s important is I got out and played some.

Thanks coach.