monk’s staircase

A lot of times when Elise comes over on weekend nights to hang out we’ll wind up all googling “something” and loosing ourselves (collectively) looking whatever up for a few hours.

Last night was geodesic dome homes…. yeah – kinda random I know.

I still don’t think I could live in one without feeling like I was in a 1970’s sci-fi movie.

Anyway – what I did see last night that really tickled me was this thing called a “Monk Staircase”…. I didn’t have a lot of luck finding any more examples except for this this one.

I’m sticking it in here because as soon as I can settle on a tagging nomenclature – I want to be able to recall this and try to build one later.

Have I emoted how I long for woodworking skills?

The only serious travesty from my childhood was being deprived (geographically) of my grandfather who was a master carpenter.

There’s got to be a culture out there of other analog-skill-starved 30-somethings who’ve worked in tech most of their lives and dying to learn how a table saw works.

This sounds like an excuse to flip through the community college catalog.