old white guys (and gals) can’t design

Had a site visit today for a logo gig. A client is putting in a restaurant adjacent to a large ballroom / meeting facility in a historic building they’re restoring. My meeting was with their interior “DREKorator” who, between fielding phone calls on her cell phone, hastily pulled out various fabric swatches and paint samples to enlighten me to her vision for the space.

It will be mortifyingly high-end. Sopping wet with the kind of pretense only Pottery Barn and the corporate folks at Barnes and Nobel would consider inhabitable.

Sadly, their target audience will be college students and I fear this baby-boomer design sensibility will miss the mark entirely. Sure if I had my way, I’d encourage them to leave it as rough as possible, without breaking any city codes… Fuck the terrazzo floor and pour concrete. Find the chunkiest-funkiest metal hand-me down fixtures you could find. Oh yeah – and make the whole place wi-fi.

I suppose I may be getting jaded – because at this point, despite a genuine “give a shit” sense about all my work: I’m seeing a quick logo treatment and moving on. Wet it, Wipe it,… GOOD NIGHT.

By the way, I’m still not blogging.

smells like Monday

Pleasure Death Machine

My computer says it’s Wednesday, but it smells like a Monday to me. It must be my day in the office alone. It’s mornings like this that are so completely boring that I can really only measure the passing of time by the decrease of volume in my cigarette pack.

I smoke too much.

Last night was punctuated by a heated post-happy-hour discussion / argument about spirituality.

I’m not blogging.

ooo… purty

Armchair Alien Killers

Zowie, Mojobear was able to translate my design into a template! Much cheese will be needed indeed!

I think my “blog-experience” will be better since I feel like I’ve got some control over how this all looks. It may be argued, but for folks like me – HOW you say something is nearly as important as WHAT you say.

I’ve been compulsively taking photos since we bought the new camera last week, I may need to go back and throw some into this if the system will let let me do so chronologically.

Bare with me all while I get the hang of copying and pasting these long little nibbits of code.

I’m not blogging.

it’s after 5pm already?

Had an early start this morning with the high-maintenance client and haven’t stopped running since.

I’m too cranially burnt to say anything interesting.

I can’t wait to start posting photos.

end of line.