pine wood

While we’re talking about the boy,… we went to his last cub-scout pinewood derby over the weekend… (next year he hits middle school and will either drop scouting entirely or move up to the boy-scouts).

Not much has changed since I was a cub scout…. except they now use a laptop computer tied to sensors at the end of the course to track the score.

Just like 25 years ago, you could sketch psychological profiles of the participants by observing the cars:

“Budding Artist”
“Apathetic Introvert”
“Athletic Over Achiever”
“Scientific Nerdy-Bird”
“Overbearing Dad Did Mine”.

Andrew’s car performed respectably – but didn’t win – which didn’t phase him… Something as silly as exhibition-style, wildly mis-matched competition rolls right off the boy’s precocious back. (and it’s that which makes *me* proud of the kid – not having the fastest piece of pine wood.)

Babble Babble Babble.