Made it back in one piece on Saturday night. Did the entire trip straight through, but adhering to our “2-hour-shifts” rule this time. Made it a lot easier.

The first few days back after spending a week on a beach is rather dull and distracted – so I’m throwing a few more pics into the scrapbook from the trip because I feel they should be in here.

Like the little wood-paneled shack on Murrells Inlet we found called Prosser’s BBQ…. The cheapest of all the places we found to eat and HANDS DOWN the best. Family style buffet type restaurant with deep south stuff like greens and fried okra on the line… lest I forget, (how could I), the BEST barbecue I’ve EVER stuck in my mouth. (*the same could be arguably said about the fried chicken too.)

Prosser’s is the only place we ate at twice.

Meanwhile, I gotta get to work and figure out what fun I’ve missed last week…

Not blogging – I’m dashing out the door and lamenting what will probably be a full voice mailbox.