sum assembly required


The last 48 hours I’ve been a busy monkey reinstalling software and dragging gigs of project files across the network onto the replacement PowerBook.

With the roof antics and some insight from some financial snapshots Loanscapes provided, we’re now holding off on refinancing until I can fix some annoyances that have come up as a result of the last sluggish business year. Meanwhile, txredneck, found blog.pop and we’ve been iChat bonding over years spent in the Jr. Masons and he’s been dispensing some valuable biz-operations consulting. (he’s a consultant by day – a redneck by blog).

The box arrived from Kid Robot which I assumed contained the little bears we ordered for our nieces and nephews. Kevin snagged the box, glared at me and ran to the back of the house. “hu?” – I tend to be nebulous about this kind of stuff, and quickly forgot about the suspicious behavior.

Later that evening I heard, “Oh fuck it” – and he emerged with something behind his back… “I was going to save this for our anniversary but you’ve been grumpy with everything going on you need a pick me up.”

He revealed what he was holding. A Stikfa! (Quite possibly the coolest damn line of toys I’ve ever seen). I made my requisite squeaky excited noises and we got to the task of assembling the figures. I question whether these things were ever intended for children – assembling them alone is an exercise in tedious patience. (the parts, over 50 of them, come on their molded trees that you have to snap out and put together).

I spent the entire evening taking photos and constructing little stories about my new toys. (See Figure A: “Stupid shit you do when you don’t watch television”).

If I had a blog I’d probably post some of my results, (and apologize for the inconsistent tonal-range and color balance between cells).

What’s worse? A thrity-two year old man who plays with toys….

Or… A thirty-two year old man who plays with toys, blogs about it and then denys it?