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I ate Indian food last night till my belly burned and my head was soaked in sweat.

I popped outa the oven 36 years ago… thanks mum.

PS – The grey’s hidding thanks to a fairly recent, spontanious dye-job by Danny.. (his idea).. “burgenduple” if you can imagine that color…. it was sorta armchair punker looking…. armchair indeed – I’m officially middle-aged now right?

birthday boys

Both Andy and Steve have a birthday within three weeks of each-other… So for dart/poker/wii night we baked ’em a cake and subbed out the usual crappy comfort guy food, (pizza rolls and the like), with a beef tenderloin roast, fresh baguettes, cheese, sour-cream horseradish sauce… *faints*

Since the guys are technically our fag-stags – Chad and Kevin fashioned the cake into something decidedly hetero.

and ya wanna know something? – I think I could probably play with a pair of brests providing they’re covered with Kevin’s buttercream icing.

*faints again*

notice: The custom confection pictured above was, by design and intention, to be of questionable social taste. (*As well as taste delicious). Symbolically speaking – it’s as if we’re saying:

“Look – we’re all great friends and are similar in so many ways… well.. except one big one – so if we point it out, embrace it, lampoon it – it’s a way of saying “Happy Birthday Guys – we love you… umm..”


“….like in a guy way…. no funny stuff…. besides I know yo’ beotches and they’d cut us if we ever laid a paw on you.”

kidding! I know Leah and Elise don’t carry knives.”…..


so… that’s the honest to goodness truth in intention…

Any objectification of the female form, mockery of the victims of Thalidomide or endorsement of canibalism is purely ancillary.