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friday-night highjinx

Ever wonder what happens to your stuff you forget and leave behind after you visit?

well.. if we like you.

I mean..

reeealy… reeeeeeeeally like you.

we’ll do stuff to make you come back.

…. yes you.

you’re due….

and there’s 3 bears and a goldilocks missing you terribly right this minute.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to come back on your own free will and leave some more stuff for our spells to work. (we need a lock of pubic hair and some toenail clippings).

rodeo drive

Schlepped with Glass way out to the festivities in Lake Saint Louis on Saturday.

“Gay Rodeo”… It was my first…. It was akin to…

well? …. I’m not really into equestrian-sport, so a lot of the action was lost on me…. Although I respect folks who can get onto a huge animal and get it to walk / run where they command.

so… it was like….


Imagine a sweet wholesome center with a hard cruisey candy coating.

Yes, true- the eye candy gave the cotton-candy vendor a run for his money – but I do find the whole rural / packaged cowboy “kulture” thing contradictory to my lifestyle / beliefs…. and it’s over romanticization is a little oh look a chicken.