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Another silly fun shoot… The bear club had a “Trailer Trash” theme party at JJ’s a ways back which everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with including favorite faggling Dustin. I didn’t make it to the party myself but received updates via Instagram which included a pic of his costume / persona, “Sea Bass”.

After I got up off the floor from laughing hysterically I sent him a message insisting that Sea Bass make an appearance here so I could photograph him…. He did… so I did.



specialty contacts

The workweek is off to a suspiciously smooth start. Everyone (clients) seem to be calm and on schedule… (knock-on-wood) there will be no emergencies before we leave town.

Since Kevin’s been in full-on Halloween-Preparation-Mode, devcubber asked if we’d help create little Andy’s requested Halloween costume this year: Godzilla.

I didn’t think kids these days would be into the big lizard from Japan.

Elise is in the same camp as us when it comes to costumes:
“Store-bought = cheating”

Once again, Kev turned on his genius for such things and after a quick trip to pick a few things up at the store, had all the raw materials for making a Godzilla costume: Green sweats, masking tape, spray paint, foam and a second-hand Jar-Jar-Binksâ„¢ mask which we delighted cutting the eyes and lower jaw out of.

“Yo’as mean’sa some people gonna desecrate Lucas stuff?”

*you’re damn right.

Kevin ran back and put in one of the contacts we bought for Halloween a few years ago and proceeded to terrorize Elise.

Andrew played the GameCube while the grownups labored away…

bad word choice… we were having way too much fun.

equally bad word choice… I don’t have one.

it’s a bird, it’s a plane,

no.. it’s three tubby guys wearing spandex

Due to the overwhelming requests as a result of the post I didn’t make yesterday displaying the surface of our icebox, (and that I spend the entirety of yesterday running from one meeting to another AND overall spring malaise kept me from observing and documenting anything particularly interesting.)

Nonetheless – I give you a close up of the photo of our Haloween 2002 Fantastic Four costumes.

It’s amazing what you can do with long johns, fabric die, really cheap snow boots, a can of white spray paint and a few trips to the fabric store.

We won the costume contest at JJ’s that night…. It seemed only the comic book geeks got the “Invisible girl” joke.


oh yeah – I’m not blogging cause I’m goin back to sleep. (today’s my Wed off)