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I found these while pokin around…. (from this site.)

yup… sure I find them irresistibly delicious.. but in a useless way.

I mean.. here’s these little icons of design umm “icons”… but it’d be thoroughly “Bad design” to redefine my hard drive icon to look like someone’s 1960 idea of what zero-gravity toilet instructions would look like.

well… I guess as long as I know “Zero Gravity Toilet Instructions = Hard Drive”… but that just seems like eccentric symbol and meaning swapping at that point….

umm.. wait – I’ve done swam out to the deep end again.

*frantically swims for edge of pretense pool*

so this is the SUV’s death dance

The NEW 2007 Jeep Compas Clown Car

I mean…. have you seen one of these things yet?

There’s a kind of belligerent denial to The Jeep Compas’ design… sorta like the irksomeness of a salt and peppered man who dies his facial hair black.

You can almost see the hulking, piggy dinosaur of our near future’s past heaving into itself… Reluctantly contorting into something smaller and more efficient.

They… umm… yeah… so then I finished my creative writing course.


Anyway… this notion also applies to (but not as strongly), to the new Doge Caliber.

no babbling… (with or without flowery language).


Ok.. so this one actually relies on language, “wet floor”, to clarify.

… but if it didn’t …. those look suspiciously a lot like Jazz Hands to me.

I’d like to babble but a freelance gig came in that’s going to eat up my free-time and grey matter for a while.