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Went to Girl Talk last night at The Pageant.

Since Kev isn’t a fan of crowds – or the mashup / electronica / trancy-pants genre for that matter – we parked him at JJ’s and headed off.

Chad, Elise, Kitty-Prime and Rico… Nice dinner at Miss Siagon before hand then off to the show.

We were easily in the top oldest 20% of the crowd,… but this didn’t seem to make any of us “feel” old or out of place really… Maybe if we were there against our wills or something we’d feel out of place…

… so maybe we could get a whole nostalgic angle out of the show that these kids weren’t?

“Hey sonny – ya hear that loop there in the background? Jah hear it?

Catchy ain’t it? Well dag-nab it – I remember when that song was new! Ye-sirrrr-e! From a little act called Depeche Mode… I had ever imaginable mix of this on C.D. single!


No… Not “seedy” as in cheap marijuana …. Ceeeee.Deeeeee…. A piece of plastic with a pitted foil encased within in used to play uncompressed music.”


Anyway – so I was wondering how a guy and a laptop would be enough of a “spectacle” to warrant the purchase of a ticket let alone leaving the house. Well I found out…

They just open the whole damn place up and you can go up on stage… Brilliant… Crowdcast your own entertainment. Every freaky-deak, extravert and hot girl was up there dancing their fannies off… Girl with a unicorn hat on… One of those naked-guys in a primary-colored nylon head -to-toe suit things… and so on.

I love how fashion in general is a complete free-for-all now….

The two girls running around with the toilet paper guns fashioned from electric leaf blowers was a nice touch too.

Grandpa’s feet are killin him though… gotta go put ’em up.

friday-night highjinx

Ever wonder what happens to your stuff you forget and leave behind after you visit?

well.. if we like you.

I mean..

reeealy… reeeeeeeeally like you.

we’ll do stuff to make you come back.

…. yes you.

you’re due….

and there’s 3 bears and a goldilocks missing you terribly right this minute.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to come back on your own free will and leave some more stuff for our spells to work. (we need a lock of pubic hair and some toenail clippings).



A schedule hiccup yesterday reduced my day home with babybear to an egg sandwich and a nap. A sure fire way to piss me off is ruin my personal hallucination that I’m in some sort of control, (this includes, but is not limited to, dinking with my schedule).

There wasn’t anyone or anything to be justifiably pissed at. Instead, I coped by digesting my spleen, cutting the grass and cleaning till my legs hurt…. (note: the electric mower on our size yard is miserable. I’ll never furrow my brow at Kevin again about falling behind on the grass cutting.)

One of a reported “two” postcards from Elise came.

It never dawned on me before what a treat these are. Thanks to email and cell phones, the postcard is a dying gesture.

Here’s a little 5″ x 7″ piece of cardstock with an image and just barely enough room to scrawl a few sentences long-hand. They seem inefficient – but as with so many things, it’s what’s not said that speaks volumes:

Someone took fifteen minutes to jot a message down, address it, stamp it and mail it to you – usually while they’re on vacation.

That sort of thoughtfulness these days is a novelty.

I’ve always put postcards on the fridge where they’ll stay for a few weeks and eventually get retired to the trash.

I could kick myself now for ever throwing any of them away. I’m going to start keeping them.

I’m not however going to start blogging.

aqua park

lazy river

Everyone slept in pretty late… I can’t explain the giggly satisfied feeling I got realizing I had a house full of friends sleeping.

It was in the afterglow of pancakes and sausage that the question “What shall we do today” came up.

Between the choices of Pride or the Pool – we all picked “POOL”.

chris glass

Our municipality has an aquatic and recreation center which sits on top of bluffed park only moments from the house. Big lap pool.. Kiddie park, slides and one of those lazy river things which basically is a big loop / track of fast moving water that you can sit and float in. The place is big enough and well-laid out enough to keep one from getting annoyed with the screaming children.

We rounded the lazy-river thing countless times. devcubber let her hubby and man-child have some father-son bonding time and stole away to the pool to hang out with us. chrisglass snagged my camera and took some of his well-seen, slice-o-life signature photos..

We dropped Chris (Bowers) and Gee-Oh off at the airport that evening and picked up Chad from his trip…

Glass and the re-united three bears headed back to subbearbia for BBQ beef sandwiches. We were going to pop in a movie but sat up till midnight talking instead.

Not entirely sure what’s in store for us today… Since I don’t have a blog – you’ll never know.. “bwaaa-haaa-haaa-haaa!”