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Photo shoot for Nadoz Café in Saint Louis… After years of establishing themselves as a great place to nab a salad, panini or crepe – they’re trying out a few new things. You wouldn’t think a european-inspired café would be a place to grab an American classic – but they’re hoping to catch folks off guard and illicit some curiosity.

These are a far cry from Burger King… I didn’t get chance to actually try one – but my eyes and nose said they’re delicious.

While there we also threw some other new stuff in front of the camera like their individual pizzas.

tech note:
These were shot using natural light (window) with some hand-held Speedlight bounce-fill… Made for SUPER fast shooting. That kinda stuff always makes clients happy since I’m not there stinking the place up for hours with the meter running. 🙂


bar shoot

This was the first of a new shooting model for me… What do we call it? – “Stuctured Candids”?

We needed to generate some visuals for ads but instead of approaching it with a storyboard set-up, the client pre-opening invited a “SLU” (pun intended) of students to come hang out end enjoy complimentary drinks and eats. They were told they’d be photographed while they do this.

Prior to them getting there I lit the space – ( technically with a shotgun approach: big honking umbrella and wide dish bouncing off the back wall).

Then we just let the kids “hang out”… After a round or two they stopped caring or noticing the bearded guy roaming around and the lights going off…. and I just… shot whatever I could see.

The edited down results were then used for ad fodder.

I dig this approach – a lot – since it’s combining technical structured stuff like lighting but still editorial and doing that whole decisive moment thing.

Still lugging around an ancient dinosaur of a light pack – which – churns out 2400 watts of crisp beautiful light… I really need to investigate some newer, less bulky solutions though… especially if I can get this style of set up / shooting down to a science.


Sorry – slept in this morning and didn’t leave myself enough time to peck at the keyboard….

I had (have) a starch hangover.

Sunday was St. Louis Strassenfest.

It was also 100°F outside. (105° heat index).

So.. the event for us was purely a gastronomic strike mission: get in,… get food… and get the hell out.

so I had umm… a lot:

Beef Rolladen
a Brat
a Knock
potato pancakes…. umm… (5 of em?)
roasted corn on the cob…

and a funnel cake chaser.


“this is excessive.”



*kicks over tub of TUMSâ„¢*

/300 reference

yes… I’m purging today and eating nothing but Cif Bars and orange juice.

DAMN though I love me some german food.


this is *not* about bacon chocolate bars.

It’s about the little freak-out when you run into something or someone which shatters your idea of individuality.

Like hanging out in the Sydney harbor with a gaggle of bear-guys from the UK and discovering one of them, (Dave – an optometrist from Manchester), is also… deathly afraid of butterflies.

We just stood there dead-pan staring at one another in near shock that we’d encountered another human with the same ridiculous phobia.


When we still lived in the city, we’d go out for brunch with the old happy-hour gang nearly every Sunday.

This is not remarkable nor unusual.

That I always finished the meal with a piece of chocolate cake and 3 slices of bacon was.

I’d get the expected eye-rolls, gasps and the all too common: “you’re weird enough corbett – stop trying.”

I’d only wink back… because my mouth was full and smiling.


So I’m sitting enjoying a square from one of my favorite chocolatiers and somehow the conversation mandated I pull the company’s site up and look up their exotic candy bar list.

I’ve been there countless times and I’ve contemplated and/or tried all of them…

except for the new one they just added.

But I said this wasn’t about bacon chocolate bars.