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handyman, handyman, handyman, handyman, …..

Returned to work yesterday running at full speed, no… nichts that – double / triple speed… (like a complete idiot). Feeling it this morning – that damn whatever it was still dancing around in the back of my throat threatening to come back.

Got to play dress up though yesterday which was fun in a Village People sorta way… Developing on-brand uniforms for the maintenance guys… Another entry on why careers in design are good for anyone with a short attention span: “It’s always something different”…

Sporadically over the last few months I’ve acquainted myself with the multi-million dollar industry of commercial uniforms. (I had no idea).

So even if it’s something as butch as repairmen uniforms – does it still count as fashion design? Regardless – Jean Paul Gaultier won’t be calling anytime soon.

I’ve come to realize I enjoy creating the pitches that sell / explain a design more than the design itself… I’m not exactly sure what that means either oh look a chicken.



woops.. sorry.. forgot to call in.

Crazy day… We’re leaving for the island on Sunday for work… Chad gets to come. (*squeee*)… So today was a combination of packing,… laundry,… and editing shots from earlier this week when I spent the day out shooting apartments for work.

I’m digging taking pictures of empty spaces… and the inevitable pretentious self portrait opps.

ugh.. head empty… still got local-work-stuff to tend to…

Drone on later.


*dial tone*