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Was up and out early. Yesterday was my Wednesday on and Kevin’s off.- a new concept to deal with since we don’t have an office now..

Fortunately the nice folks at Apple turned around the repair on the Powerbook quickly. I’ve got a brand new screen and battery… (Suddenly the $300 I popped for the Apple Care Plan doesn’t seem like such a rip off anymore).

I packed up my bags and headed to the ballroom/event center client to camp out and work. They’ve got wireless for the restaurant so I could pretty much wander the entire HUGE space and stay connected.

They’re still mid-office move and while waiting for the construction of their offices in the the bowels of the building to get finished – they’ve rigged a temporary workspace in one of the meeting rooms.

I parked myself at the corner of the owner’s desk for most of the day – which was a little odd. She loved the idea of her pet art director being within smacking distance.

It’s been a long time since I worked in a “work environment”. It was fun to hear the HR director (seated behind me), cackle with the accounting lady who I really should have spent more time kissing up to since she’s the one who processes our invoices.

Their sales staff is comprised of a young 20-something blond woman, a rather swishy early 40-something man and a sexually ambiguous (metrosexual) 30-something “doode”.

The blond loved my shoes.
The 30-something ran around and acted distracted and cordially professional.
The swishy one acted nervous every time he got around me and avoided eye contact.

I don’t think I’m that intimidating… Although I looked in a mirror and the stress of late is written all over my face. Combine that with about 10lbs I’ve gained back, with the fact that Danny’s surgical recovery has gone longer than expected and I’ve not had a haircut since before Christmas…

Well – I guess I do look a little haggard and spooky right now.

It’s not like I’m blogging my life or anything so none of you will ever know just how run down I’ve made myself.

so bah-ha.


nick-knack, patty-whack

Workday was a blur. The afternoon was taken up mostly by a walk through of the ballroom client’s space with my friend the architectural photographer. These scouting meetings are always an exercise in patience… We’ll walk the whole space and talk about angles…. props…

It’s worth the time – these shoots are expensive… It takes anywhere between 2 and 4 hours to make do one image – depending on set up, lighting, props, etc.

Friend Daniel had to go in for surgery last week and is stuck at home zonked on pain meds and jonzing for a cigarette… So – like any good enabler, we stopped and picked him up a pack after work.

Hung out at his place and kept him company and took turns seeing how tightly wound we could wind Biscuit, Daniel’s Jack Russell terrier.

By the time we left, Daniel’s nicotine fit was satiated and the dog was napping.

Good deed for the day done.

Time to not blog.

elmo… not emo.


Home-centric weekend. The nine day road trip had left a lot of things neglected.

Tackled the compact-car size pile of limbs we cut out of bushes and trees in September and pulled out fireplace suitable fuel and burned the rest off in the outdoor pit. Flannel drag, work boots, saw in hand… My lumberjack facade was nearly perfect except for the NPR blaring on the portable kinda blew it… *You just can’t appear hyper-masculine with The Prairie Home Companion cranking in the background.

Babybear’s been down with a head cold since Friday night. I hate it when he gets sick. While I may have the “provider bear” role down pat, I suck at “care giver” role. Kevin on the other hand must have teen a triage nurse in another life.

Kevin and I ran to pick up some soup and juice after returning movies to Hollywood and I spied these tiny-scaled Elmoâ„¢ juice boxes at the dollar store. Knowing full well that Chad LOVES Elmo, I picked up a pack of them.

Now what’s more ridiculous? A 30 year old man being fascinated by a little red furred, bug-eyed muppet or a 32 year old who enables this fascination when given the opportunity.

It’s interesting to note that us Xers are the first generation to reach full-adulthood who have been raised on Sesame Street. (For the early 1970’s, the idea of educational children’s programing was still progressive and there were only a handful of pioneers). Like anyone in our age bracket, I can do a pretty good impersonation of Kermit The Frog and I know what a Snuffleopagus is. I’m sure that says something on a socio-cultural-anthropological level – but I lack the higher ed to explore this concept.

Muppet-theory aside… Chad let out a little NyQuil slurred giggle when I placed the fruit-juice packs in front of him.

I smiled.

I giggled too.

I didn’t blog about this.



I stayed home from work today.

NyQuilâ„¢ and a fever has odd effects on my brain. Little blue ferries danced around my sofa, all of them baring a striking resemblance to Fran Tarkenten and Rip Taylor.

Finished an ad up for a deadline and subsequently had another out of body experience watching the pinwheel spin as I waited on the dial up connection to choke up the 3MB of files.

I actually kind of like that odd low-grade fever feeling. I assume that means I’d be a good candidate for opium addiction, but I won’t test that theory.

When the boys got home Kevin said the bedroom smelled like “a sweaty dead animal”. I guess my fever must have broke sometime in the late afternoon.

We’re watching The Fog right now. From now until Halloween, we’ll watch nothing but spooky movies.

This movie still scares the shit out of me.

If I was smart, I’d sit here and divert my attention by blogging rather than risk screaming and tossing my bowl of popcorn in the air.