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found on road dead

I think companies that shut down completely for the week between Christmas and New Years have the right idea.

Although having a quiet week with the bosses out of town is great for enjoying those long stretches of uninterrupted focus is… well.. NICE.

Kevin had to take the boss’ living room in for service and needed a ride back… so I followed him to the dealership.

While waiting – I poked around in the showroom…

Mark the date:
For the first time… EVER… There’s a Ford / Mercury product I actually “like”…. It’s called a “Milan”… and no wonder I like it… I looks like a 3rd generation Passat.

This is only tempting and worth pausing because…

1) I’ve mandated that my next car will be of the mid-size, quazi-cushy, sedan variety… Ideally a Passat….. (cush appointments… crunchy engine: TDI)


2) I’m turned off by the new redesigned Passat’s body design.

We’re not in the market for a new car right this second anyway… But it’s on the horizon – so I may loiter after dropping Kevin off and ask for a quick test drive.

I wonder if the salesman will think me odd if I ask to be closed into the trunk so I can try out the”emergency trunk release” pulley… A curious feature… nonetheless it’s molded out of glow-in-the-dark material.. a nice touch.. (When did Ford hire Germans to start designing their cars!?!?!)

When did I start acting like I had a blog?

ancient chinese secret

wonton folding

Yesterday marked the start of my birthday week. (it’s officially not till Thursday) – It wasn’t really my idea to take the entire week to observe my coming into existence and I’m really not as big of a princess as the guys sell it… They just like spoiling me… that’s all there is to it. *(note: I’m more than receptive to spoiling though)

We headed to my mom’s in the afternoon for my requested birthday meal: her homemade Chinese food.

We showed up early so I could learn some of the recipes and how to wrap wontons myself.

The guys hung out with Mark in the living room and watched sports stuff while I shadowed mom in the kitchen.

I got weird flashbacks of doing this when I was a child – except the perspective had changed. Instead of watching her with my nose at counter-height, I was now towering over her catching a bird’s eye view of the magic unfold… or is that “fold”.

It didn’t take me long to get the hang of folding wontons – although I wasn’t terribly fast at it. She’d make four to my one.

The meal was great – and just how I remembered:
Pork Wontons, Crab Rangoon, Beef Eggrolls , Sweet & Sour Chicken and Fried Rice – all made from scratch.

No wonder she’s not done this in a decade… I learned first-hand… the prep is a bitch.

Pigged out… opened my presents, (yippie! decent baking pans), and had a slice of homemade pumpkin cheesecake.

She loaded us up with ziplocks full of leftovers…. I won’t have to cook for at least two days.

I forgot my camera so hopefully I won’t forget what I learned.

It’s not like I have a blog or anything to keep these notes about the sacred bastardized Ameri-Cantonese cooking secrets.