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Now – I’ve goofed off the entire day with this… However, it could be argued that this is more productive than mindlessly surfing porn.

After reading the fine print, it seems I’ll have to throw down some cash to change the look of this. The built-in styles aren’t doing it for me.

So… After spending a few more hours putza-futzing around in my illustration program. I’ll have to issue a quick appologetic rant to my peer chrisglass.

We share very similar design sensibilities.

And after throwing some layouts around on my machine, everything looks fucking “Glassian”. So please accept this preemptive apology for anything looking like I ripped it directly from him. But…

(here comes the RANT)

In the incredibly LIMITED medium of “INTERNET DESIGN” – I’m realizing something:

There are a just a wee number of formulas / solutions (designs) that actually work and look good.

Rest assured I’ll be trying to be as anti-glassian as possible without making downright stupid design decisions.

Hell – I love a challenge.

I’d just rather be putting this together on sexy silky stock, with spot-varnishes, metallics (sparingly of course) and other things that us “Neanderthal Tradesmen” love so much.

*jesus – could I sound any more defensive?

Wait… That’s what this BLOGY-POP is for right? I betcha if I rant, piss and spit enough I’ll find some sort of peace about this issue, and countless more.