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2005… day number 365

Wooohoo! I couldn’t think of a nicer way to pass the threshold between years..

Glass hit town last night along with horn blowing buddy Dan.

rejoicing… catching up… talking…. smiling… playing with his new VERY nice digital-SLR with the fastest damn lens I’ve ever used… Definitely aggravating my itch to get one – but still waiting for more reviews to come out…. that’s OK though… a MUCH BIGGER itch is being scratched… the Chris-Itch… which we’ve been having something fierce for months now.

So – shhhh – I’m not blogging… I’m gonna enjoy the company.

sony and share

My big camera’s back from the shop…. and the hot shoe is still malfunctioning…

This supports my theory that people don’t READ anymore… (The documentation I sent in with the camera was extensive… but if you didn’t pay attention to it and just ran standard bench tests – I’m sure the camera would check out just fine).

I “had” ordered the new R1 that’s coming out…. But the botched repair, (three weeks down for what?!?!)… and the overall lack-fucking-luster performance of the F828 before malfunctioning has finally made me snap and cancel my order… I’m an ass for ever getting rid of my old F717 which was really a great little system.

Nikon – honey! I’m comin’ home.

That’s all I shot with in the days before digital… I still miss my old F4….

The rig I have my eyes on isn’t out yet – but for tax purposes I’ll probably head in to the local camera shop and slap down the Gs and pre-order before the new year.

At least Chad was happy that the camera was back… He spent yesterday afternoon hanging out with the cats doing some more of his amazing candid shots beneath the tree.

Meanwhile – I’m not blogging… I’m still reading D200 reviews and shopping lenses.


This has been one hell of a sinus infection… I think I’m over it – but now I’m at that socially awkward “spews rubber from face” and “prone to random Peckinpah nose-bleeds” phase of recovery.

Regardless, I grabbed a roll of paper towels and we headed out to enjoy a beautiful Sunday which included a stop by PetsMart.

The cats have been using the same nasty scratch post that moved here with them from Cleveland five years ago.

Now I’m not sure how we went from replacing the 1.5 foot scratch post they had with the 5-foot kitty jungle-gym we wound up leaving with…. but… they sure like it.

Funny – they knew the moment we brought it through the door it was for them.. and proceeded to climb all over it, scratch it, bite it and shoot us random looks of deep appreciation…. (alternate photo opp)

All of which made it worth while… We would have spent that much this month on cigarettes anyway.

I wouldn’t have blogged about it though.


Spent yesterday on the road so I’m feeling a bit behind… (obviously – it’s 10:37pm and I’m just now getting around to this).

I still haven’t had the chance to go back and thoughtfully read through the long discussion threads created by the last two comment hand grenades I tossed out yesterday and the day before… Must do that at lunch time I guess.

Meanwhile there’s this blog thing, that I don’t have, which creates a certain sense of obligation to stick something into every day.

Lucky for me, Chad played with the camera again while I was gone yesterday. Low and behold I’ve got more of these beautiful stream of consciousness images he seems to have a knack for.

Voila… sense of obligation fulfilled… You know – for that thing thing I don’t have.