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Photo shoot for Nadoz Café in Saint Louis… After years of establishing themselves as a great place to nab a salad, panini or crepe – they’re trying out a few new things. You wouldn’t think a european-inspired café would be a place to grab an American classic – but they’re hoping to catch folks off guard and illicit some curiosity.

These are a far cry from Burger King… I didn’t get chance to actually try one – but my eyes and nose said they’re delicious.

While there we also threw some other new stuff in front of the camera like their individual pizzas.

tech note:
These were shot using natural light (window) with some hand-held Speedlight bounce-fill… Made for SUPER fast shooting. That kinda stuff always makes clients happy since I’m not there stinking the place up for hours with the meter running. 🙂


bar shoot

This was the first of a new shooting model for me… What do we call it? – “Stuctured Candids”?

We needed to generate some visuals for ads but instead of approaching it with a storyboard set-up, the client pre-opening invited a “SLU” (pun intended) of students to come hang out end enjoy complimentary drinks and eats. They were told they’d be photographed while they do this.

Prior to them getting there I lit the space – ( technically with a shotgun approach: big honking umbrella and wide dish bouncing off the back wall).

Then we just let the kids “hang out”… After a round or two they stopped caring or noticing the bearded guy roaming around and the lights going off…. and I just… shot whatever I could see.

The edited down results were then used for ad fodder.

I dig this approach – a lot – since it’s combining technical structured stuff like lighting but still editorial and doing that whole decisive moment thing.

Still lugging around an ancient dinosaur of a light pack – which – churns out 2400 watts of crisp beautiful light… I really need to investigate some newer, less bulky solutions though… especially if I can get this style of set up / shooting down to a science.