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may i have the envelope please

Thanks to everyone who voted for a name and for the extremely entertaining discussions the process sparked…. It made my evening.

I’m now happy to introduce the newest member of our household: Loki!

Or his full name when he’s in trouble: Loki Cthulhu Corbett-Grimm-West.

I now also happy to completely deny blogging.


So.. devcubber‘s friend, who’s cat died as a result of a nasty accident was gifted a kitten… Said friend is too busy to take care of a kitten right now – so it needed a new / different home.

Somewhere in this equation – we came in.

Notty,…. precious… MY CAT… (the white one), has been the most accommodating and patient with the new comer.

Piwacket,…. evil incarnate… KEVIN’S CAT…. (the black one), has been doing nothing but staying up high, hissing and emitting growls I’ve never heard before.

I’ve never experienced a kitten before…. this is going to be interesting… In the meantime we need to name the little bugger….. (More Mirco-Kitty Documents HERE

We’ve narrowed it down to a handful of names… what do you think?

I’d blog about this but I have a small creature chewing on my little toe at the moment.
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