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npr guilt

shower guilt machine

Alright – I’ll admidt it… While we haven’t watched television in over three years, there’s still one mass-media feed I’m completely addicted to…. N.P.R.

I shower with Diane Rhem every morning – which is a little disturbing because I now associate the woman with intelligent, in-depth news issue coverage with being naked and wet.

I have no idea where Lake Whoebegon is – but I want to move there.

This is “pledge week” for our local NPR affiliate so a portion of every hour is filled with the guilt-generating jabber which makes me feel like a scoundrel. It seems like every time they have a drive we’re not in the position to let go of a couple hundred bucks – which I’d happily do.

note to self: “make loose change jar for NPR”

I could go on and on about the importance of publicly funded radio and television, but this is hardly a media forum.

Let alone a blog.

little schmidt

NPR was disturbing this morning – covering the antics of Ashcroft and such. I’m starting to think I should be tuning into mindless bubblegum in the mornings like Bob & Tom, or Howard Stern (god forbid) instead of our ritual morning coffee klatch with Diane Reames. I find myself getting so irritated after listening that it’s tainting my world-view.

But is it better to bury my head in the sand of pop-mass-media, (the worm*), and be lulled into numbness… Or?

There’s a balanced line to walk somewhere, I’ll find it.

I’ll be bribing mojobear today to assist in creating a prettier template for this blogness. With cheese and sexual favors in my arsenal of persuasion, I’m sure he’ll give in and help the old man out.

A large stack of little-shit projects has hit my desk, so I’m currently gratefully occupied and under compensated.

*the worm = word used to describe the seemingly sentient force that guides, and molds public interests and perspectives via everything we consume in our culture.

end of line