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mardi gras

Mardi Gras is a big deal for towns with French names.

The tradition pretty much stays the same from year to year – but the weather and the tag-alongs change… This year it was beloved Fagglings: Dustin and Jason.  dustin wearing a very silly hat

Hit JJ’s and have bloody marys while waiting for the Soulard Shuttle.

Took the shuttle – a school buss this time installed with what seemed to be anti-shocks… That or mischevious driver who knew exactly where to  speed up to get folks in the back airborne.

Made a B-Line straight to Janet’s party. (My print vendor of a decade plus who has a huge back yard, a porta-potty, free beer and good cajun inspired eats.

Swam into the masses to find Mikey who was stuck working at the coffee garden’sbeer booth.

Waled back hypnotized by the masses of drunk people… Think people watching on steroids *and* mushrooms.

Pop-in on Matt & Dennis, who used to have a big party, but now just lord over their backyard and leer at the drunk kids stagger by.

Mike working at the Soulard Coffee Garden booth

Return to Janet’s for more eats and socializing around the fire.

Catch the shuttle back to JJ’s… It was rougher on the way back.

Mill about at JJ’s for a round.

Home by 4pm for a huge nap followed by pizza and cheesy sci-fi.



Sorry – slept in this morning and didn’t leave myself enough time to peck at the keyboard….

I had (have) a starch hangover.

Sunday was St. Louis Strassenfest.

It was also 100°F outside. (105° heat index).

So.. the event for us was purely a gastronomic strike mission: get in,… get food… and get the hell out.

so I had umm… a lot:

Beef Rolladen
a Brat
a Knock
potato pancakes…. umm… (5 of em?)
roasted corn on the cob…

and a funnel cake chaser.


“this is excessive.”



*kicks over tub of TUMSâ„¢*

/300 reference

yes… I’m purging today and eating nothing but Cif Bars and orange juice.

DAMN though I love me some german food.


Lest we forget the other sexy bitch. 🙂

Kalz*()*&^%%… Kevin’s been fine… Picking up hours helping out at Dr. Steve’s office… doing a couple of websites for me…. teaching himself PHP whuzyhoozits…. contemplating going back to school to pick up a few new tricks…. plotting to take ov… !#$%#@$%^@%

I’ve said too much already.

Many of our brothers had to die to bring you this information.


*smacks self*

*sudden power outage*