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twas the week before xmas

This year it seems like we’ve had a lot more holiday parties to go to… I don’t particularly *feel* a spike in popularity – so I think we just are getting out more this year.

The chain Christmas party hopping was punctuated by my mom getting admitted to the hospital last night for observation…
Heart attack scare apparently… tests all are back this morning,… she didn’t – so they’re poking and scanning some more to see what’s up – she’ll be released today.

Meanwhile… guys leave for Xmas break tomorrow….

Work signed a big sponsorship deal with SLU basketball requiring some lickity-split bus cards and arena banners.

I haven’t found my parents a christmas gift.

*Insert other tasks yet to be (but in dire need of being) completed here*

Have been getting a lot of holiday cheese-ball action in though.


House is cool again… I slept like the dead….

I’m experiencing a form of aftershock/fatigue from the weekend of restless, AC-less sleep and confrontations revolving around Kevin’s birthday.

No rest for the wicked tough… or the dysfunctional for that matter….
I’m struggling to keep my eyes open, let alone cleverly recount recent history…- so forgive the laundry list:

Brunch @ my mom’s :
Chicken / Mushroom Crepes with Hollandaise and the awesome Almond French (Baguette) Toast.

BBQ @ co-worker Erin’s:
We broke in the virgin grill at her apartment complex.

Tie-dye Party @ Chad’s co-worker’s house:
We did a tablecloth… I haven’t seen the results yet.

Monday(worked from home)

Scrubbed the neglected house… (it was trashed).

Stuck around for the AC man…..

Signed for the mattress delivery…. (film at 11).

Dinner at devcubber‘s : Mind-numbingly good Frenchy-food like cherry stuffed pork chops and 4-mushroom risotto.

Went to work.

Denied blogging.

estrogen and psychics


Mom had a “Psychic Party” last night. We were invited.

Now I’m not entirely sold on the supernatural “industry”. But I’m not going to be so arrogant to assume that there isn’t more planes to reality / perception than we’re able to take in with our normal senses.

We arrived fashionably late to my mom’s apartment.

The living room was packed with middle aged women and the air was spiked with mom’s potstickers – which of course we made a b-line for.

Speaking of psychic phenomena – there’s this bizarre “earth-mother-estro-secret-club-vibe” when you get a lot of mature women together.

I assume it has something to do with maturity.. Women, once they squeeze out and raise their kids loose the nasty competitive factor I see in so many women around our age. What’s left is this alien ovarian-bonding which makes men, (even gay ones), feel sorta like they’ve broken into a masonic meeting.

Guests would take turns going to the back bedroom where the psychic was set up with a card table.

She pointed out personality quirks which were accurate and rambled off impressions and factoids.

Some of the things I learned (or already knew):

I’m really good at promoting other people but have trouble doing it for myself.

There’s a male buffalo in me.

Kevin REALLLY likes sex. Chad REALLLY likes sleep.

They both love me more than I know.

When I’m not thinking about sex, my preoccupation (and what I base the meaning/value of my life on) is my work.

I need to stop doubting my abilities and make some career decisions this year. Cut out and let go of the things that aren’t working. Apparently the next two years are going to be more successful than I can imagine today.

I’m happy…. Not as successful as in the past… but happier than I’ve ever been…

(*another card draw*)

“God, you’re really happy. And you’re having fun…”

Apparently this impression had such an impact on her that she followed me out after my reading and wanted to meet Kevin and Chad.

“Hello… I wanted to meet the two responsible for all this happiness.”

They blushed.. She smiled… I stuffed another six potstickers in my mouth.

I didn’t need to cough up forty bucks for someone to tell me I’m happy… I already know.

It’s nice to hear from a third-party. (fourth party counting the Astral plane?)

I should have asked the psychic if I’d blog about this the next day.


huddling around the guac

We had a handful of people over last night for Chris and Gee-Oh.

Title / Theme: VEGASISSY – “Las Vegas Whores and Showboys”

I can’t really call it a full-out “party”.. It was more like the first in a series of experiments of “engineered” gatherings. Let’s call it a small costumed guacamole sampling instead.

The experiment worked. Everyone had a good time. No personality clashes occurred, nobody monopolized attention and / or broke off to hide in a corner.

Regrets were sent by Julie in Chicago… But chrisglass made it in which was a real treat.

I’m not sure how late folks stayed – try as I did – I was out cold by midnight.

I’m not blogging – I’m making breakfast.