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figure action


About two years ago while unboxing Christmas poop we found a small hand made kresch my mother gave me. That was it though.. no nativity figures…. just the structure. We got the wild hair to construct a nativity scene entirely from Star Wars action figures but the silly idea,… like so many… got shelved and never implemented.

The other night we headed out to do some Christmas shopping for family and stopped into the Toys-R-Us searching for a toy camera for the nephew in PA.

We didn’t find one… But we we did wind up spending more time in the damn toy store than any other stop that night.

I was mid-drool over the Stikfas, when Chad and Kevin turned the corner with a wide-eyed expression on their faces and giggling their asses off…. They found a Playmobil nativity set… Suddenly our tight budget and original directive to ONLY BUY THINGS FOR OTHER PEOPLE vanished. This was way too odd to pass up.

We rushed home and set it up…

The instruction booklet was so simple,… so beautiful…. so graphic… it was difficult to use and it wound up taking forever to assemble the cast of characters.

My inner weirdo is satisfied that we found something so kitsch.

My inner residual catholic is satisfied that we have a nativity set on display.

My inner film-fag had fun setting them up with dramatic lighting.

My inner smartass will deny blogging about this.