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trippin with robi

pig sprinkles

Up and out to the office early today.

Lunch with mom at The Broadway Oyster Club, a little cajun joint in St. Louis’ equivalent to the French Quarter in New Orleans. Red beans and rice with grilled sausage. mmmmmmmmm. *did I take my cholesterol meds today?

Back to the office where a grumpy mojobear was trying to work on a software project but kept getting distracted by phone calls and random pop ins from needy friends.

Something’s not right. I first thought I was empathetically picking up on Kevin’s mood as I’m apt to do. (I’m a textbook Scorpio). But by the end of the day it seemed more than a contagious funk.

By 7pm I had the chills and my head felt like it was in a pressure cooker. It seems the weather snap has smacked me with a cold.

It’s now some ungodly hour and I’ve got that “speedy funky high” you get when you take over-the-counter cold medication. I’m groggy – but can’t sleep.

Thought I’d make myself a salad but got distracted with Baco-Bit’s new packaging design. Damn you chrisglass for creating this dialogue about the rampant, lame-ass, new re-branding efforts of companies.

But why stop at the package? I say rename those tasty little nitrate-filled-flecks!

I must be hallucinating from the Robitussin because I could swear I’m blogging.

cheesy music

had’s great distraction, music – mine,… cheese

The Virgin Music Store… Nothing virginal about it. The place smacks of seasoned tune peddling – and oh boy – they’re good at it.

Babybear was lost for about two hours. I scanned the DVDs and Books – and picked up a few things:
DVDs = Crash (the NC-17 version) and The City of Lost Children
BOOKS = Augusten Burroughs’ “Running with Scissors”.

I couldn’t tell you what all Chad bought – he finally surfaced with arms full of discs and a distinctly giddy expression on his face. I can tell you though that our tab-out made my little romps at Sony and Timberland look like amateur hour.

Stopped by boutique called H20 and picked up some mint scented body stuff.. It was a little silly standing there, waxing masculine, and asking which body scrub had alpha-hydroxy acids in them.

Hungry – we took the H20 girls’ advice and hit Giordano’s for lunch for some Chicago style pizza. They call it pizza but it’s really more like a cheese pie – and quite possibly the most decadent thing I’ve ever stuck in my mouth. Any residual apathy we had from last night’s bar excursion melted away in the cheesy goodness and we were soon back at the hotel suffering from a serious case of dairy-comma.

Staying in tonight… We’ve been going non stop since we got here. (and before).

Considering turning on the television. (gasp)… Anything is better than blogging.