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bar shoot

This was the first of a new shooting model for me… What do we call it? – “Stuctured Candids”?

We needed to generate some visuals for ads but instead of approaching it with a storyboard set-up, the client pre-opening invited a “SLU” (pun intended) of students to come hang out end enjoy complimentary drinks and eats. They were told they’d be photographed while they do this.

Prior to them getting there I lit the space – ( technically with a shotgun approach: big honking umbrella and wide dish bouncing off the back wall).

Then we just let the kids “hang out”… After a round or two they stopped caring or noticing the bearded guy roaming around and the lights going off…. and I just… shot whatever I could see.

The edited down results were then used for ad fodder.

I dig this approach – a lot – since it’s combining technical structured stuff like lighting but still editorial and doing that whole decisive moment thing.

Still lugging around an ancient dinosaur of a light pack – which – churns out 2400 watts of crisp beautiful light… I really need to investigate some newer, less bulky solutions though… especially if I can get this style of set up / shooting down to a science.

white rarebit

Chad’s birthday… We all played hooky. (I did work a little in the AM before everyone got up).

devcubber came over and we headed down to the Central West End to nab lunch at what some Welshmen call the “Best Welsh Pub in America”…. I don’t know if that’s a valid title… they have Rarebit, (beer and cheese sauce), and the best french dip sandwich I ever stuck in my mouth… and it’s also where my friend Tony and I used to go to sneak a pint of ale with our “older cool friends” as minors…. In fact – the place is so-sopping with personal nostalgic relevance – I caught myself feeling guilty since it was Chad’s birthday.

Everyone shared sandwiches and smiles.. as well as splitting a new appetizer on the menu… “Welsh Nachos”… (scary huh? – homemade tortilla chips topped with rarebit, bacon, tomato, red onion and sour cream.)… They were, unpredictably, the bomb.

Strolled around the neighborhood, stopped for a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s and then swung by “Gringo Jones” to get lost… Think a huge labyrinth of yard stuff and other Mexican imports that connects two buildings, inside and out.

Looking for a life-size metal zebra for your yard?….. they got it…. and a bunch of other Strange Stuff – that never ceases to amaze when we visit.

Headed home in time for Elise to fetch boychick and Chad to take a big ole birthday nap.

The evening was spent at home, watering the garden and having conversations like…. “No really – an 8 foot tin palm tree would look FABULOUS right over there.”

I’m not blogging – I’m recounting.


Schedule tweak – yesterday wound up being my “out wednesday”. Thursdays are also pseudojob day…. Boo-Boo-Brawley – who has a similar arrangement with a client turned employer – is two blocks down the street.

Ran to Llywelyns for lunch – and later out to JJ’s for what wound become an impromptu Cinco de Mayo celebration and one hell of a hang over this morning.

Coffee and V8 is clearing my head…

My outfit from yesterday reeks of smoke.

My blog does not exist.