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I think we’re getting into a night-time rut… MarioKartâ„¢ is the most potent video crack we’ve ever tasted.

Kevin and Chad have now played so much that they’ve beaten every race, unlocked every character and special course.

They’re now bored with the notoriously “shiny” Nintendo soundtrack so now they’ve taken to listening to CDs while playing – and have determined their own soundtracks for the different courses.

The Desert Theme Track: Pet Shop Boys – Home & Dry (remix)
The City Street Theme Track: L7 – Shitlist
The Bowser Castle Theme Track: Patti Smith – Rock n’ Roll Nigger
and so on….

knotty yawn

Our television isn’t big enough for all three of us to play effectively – and I suck compared to them – so I’ll busy myself elsewhere.

That cats seem to be developing a complex about the little attention monopolizing black box. One of them chewed through one of the controller’s cables the other day.

Leave it to the pets to come up with the most direct approach.

I just sigh a lot out-loud, take photos and have one-sided conversations… Damn you to hell Mario.

I’m bitching.. not blogging.