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no.. like fuckin’ rappers

Went to a special event / fundraiser thingie at Agave last month… Mum was doing the publicity so she called her buddy Suzy Gorman in to take event pictures.(*inset photo = Suzy, the photographer and Suzy, my mum).

I’ve mentioned her before in here ages ago… actually – she still owes me a shoot for a design project I did for her – just haven’t cashed it in yet… The cool thing about being a designer is you find yourself within striking range of great talent, and inevitably getting to swap favors with them… (see earlier when I got Jerry Tovo to take portraits of my dad).

I really gotta schedule that sitting in Suzy’s studio with the 3 of us… will make that a “must do” next year I guess.

Meanwhile – we got this pic from the event…

We were sitting there snarfin down food and margaritas when she came up and told us to flip off the camera…

we did….

she corrected us…

“No… Not like that – fuckin’ like rappers… you gotta use both hands!”


*motor drive sound* (she still uses film..)

thanksgiving break

Despite the break – I’m still bandwidth compromised.

Thanksgiving at Mom’s was fine… Go for the guilt… stay for the food.

Mum’s doc friends were there… Always nice to see them.

My uncle was there…. Always as enjoyable as an IRS tax audit.*

*so’kay… since I started shifting in October – stuff like that just really doesn’t bother me anymore…

Three kinds of turkeys… Fried, smoked and roasted.

Weekend included:

Taxes… (last years.. and get this…. 06 too! I’ve NEVER turned stuff into the accountant EARLY before).
Removing pine sap from the cars… (and subsequently trashing the jetta’s clear coat.. ugh).
Nursing Chad back to health… (our colds turned into bronchitis for him)

Whipped out the rest of the leftovers last night…. why does cold 3 day old turkey taste soooooooo goooooood.

(insert clever serial ending here)

if you wine enough…

My mom’s opening was last night… She’s the guest curator of the History Uncorked : Two Centuries of Missouri Wine history exhibit at The Mercantile Library at UMSL.

This was the first exhibit of this magnitude she’s ever done (with her in the driver’s seat) – so it was a big deal.

Big deal indeed… (That woman could always throw a party.) She combined the exhibit opening with the Missouri’s Governor’s Cup wine award announcement ceremony.

Wineries were there.. Food/Wine journalists were there… History people were there…

Free wine… Free food… We entertained ourselves by people watching and doing a comprehensive *ahem* cross exam of all of the dry red offerings. *cough* (my head still kinda hurts)

I wound up getting involved in all this by sort of a strange series of defaults and coincidence:

At work we turned an old commercial winery into apartments…. The restoration turned up all sorts of artifacts which we lent to the museum to be in the show.

Then – at some point over the summer mom came to me and said she was getting flack from the museum’s print / design vendor about the image they wanted to make for the show… “He said it’ll be impossible to do.”

She pulled out this ancient book filled with even more ancient wine labels and pointed to the one she was after. (original)

I agreed that it would be a supreme pain in the ass,… but not impossible… I also told her that busy season at the day job had me pretty well tapped out in the brain department and I wouldn’t be able to do it for her.

Fine and dandy right? well – until a month later when she called me literally in tears and begged me to come have lunch with her.

She pulled out a print of what the vendor did (here) and stared at me in that glassy-eyed tragic look that only mothers can do.

I sighed, took the original and told her I’d have something in a couple of days.

I couldn’t *not* help… This was too big of a deal and I couldn’t let her stuff look half-ass.

What I did was by no means groundbreaking… I’d consider it well within the confines of “competent” and thoughtfully executed within the parameters of the assignment.

She thought it was brilliant…. *I could also poop on a board and she’d call it sublime. That’s what moms do.

I got my validation last night with the nice words from the other curators and the posters being snapped up by guests until they ran out.

It was so good to see her so energized and happy… I’m very proud of her…

Meanwhile – I’m still herking stomach acid and my head still feels a little squishy…. yup – it was a good party.

I just need to drink some more chicken.

94, sausages, wine and Hermann

Mum’s curating an exhibit on the history of Missouri Wine and asked if I’d accompany here to snag some artifact pics in a little wine town about 90 minutes outside of St. Louis called Hermann.

The lay of the region’s land struck a familiar cord with German settlers well over a century ago and also happens to lend itself to grape production.

It *is* like a little “german town” – however you don’t really hear the language spoken much… There are old timers still alive though that speak “Hermann German” which apparently is the German language but frozen in time at about the mid 1800’s. (“Real” German linguist scholars have traveled all the way over to study the dying dialect).


Anyway… A big artifact, (an antique, ornate wine cask), is to be represented in the exhibit but grants / trusts and whatnot from the family who donated it to the city prevents it from leaving the county… So… Big surprise… mom calls son with fancy-pants digital camera and bribes with promises of german sausages, wine and a handful of billable hours to come out and snag document shots.

Spent an hour and some change making images in the hot cabin-house-museum thing where it and a few other items were stored. One cool object was a press with partially burnt-off corner from when it was rescued from a fire durring prohibition.

Curvy-wervy highway 94 and taunt suspension of mom’s Toyota made made me car sick on the way back.

“Just ten more minutes.” she’d plead.

We took the “scenic” route back to stop by this little obscure butcher shop to get what she said was the BEST bratwurst she’s ever had.

We finally got there by about the time I was more interested in barf-coating the inside of her Corolla than specialty Bavarian meat tubes.

Nonetheless… She fit me up with a couple of pounds of sausages – which we grilled later over the weekend… wooogah… and yeah – she was right… they *were* the best chickens.