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team cambodia

Stay-in and entertain kinda weekend… The still before the storm? (the ice storm that’s coming as well as the socially dense week ahead: valentines day, mardi gras, etc).

Friday night with Elise had a nice twist to it… She brought her brother John along.

We had to pry the Wii remote from the trauma doc’s hands at around 1am… He’s a hoot… “Go team Cambodia!” (long story).

I think he’s going to get one too now… So that makes something like four or five people who have come over, played the Wii and were so impressed they ran out and bought one.

I’m not expecting a commission check.

well.. if you’re listening Nintendo – two more controllers would be nice eh?

never-mind – i’m babbling.

Wii Knee

So I mentioned we got a Wii right?

I’d love to show the play logs to the folks who accuse us of being some sort of strange media-abstaining Amish because we don’t watch “TV” proper.

We do plenty of staring at the tube wall.

Kevin’s up to something crazy like 60 hours in on Zelda… I’m only in about 12 hours since a lot of my “free” time has been gobbled up lately with a little too much “free”lance… “Free” being the operable word of emphasis in all that – but I’ll bitch about my penchant to overbook and my chronic problem with being unable to say “No” another time.

Actually a good chunk of the weekend was spent volleying emails and spreadsheets with the damn accountant. While Kevin was out searching for the three Triforce keys to release the great troll of Gurthangeron – I’ve been searching for itemized receipts for camera equipment. (Both tedious quests.)

Wii tennis is a bunch of fun too… I’ve been having my ass handed to me be by Chad daily… My knees have started acting like they “want” to hurt… I hope it’s not from playing… I also hope this isn’t a sign that I’ll be inheriting my mom’s lousy knees…. speaking of:

Mom’s and Andrew’s birthday hit recently as well – but I’ll try to recap those later… for fear I’m babbling of course.


Master Sarge

Sundays… Normally a day to poke around the house… make breakfast… maybe do some laundry…

Not now it seems…. Halo2 is a sucking vortex of time, energy. (and stupid fun).

I’d blog but my thumbs are still aching from clocking an embarrassing amount of time yesterday running around and shooting people in a virtual environment….. and… I have no clean underwear this morning.