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workin in the garage

Spent the morning putzing with email and charming a check out of the primary client. I hate being so dependent on one account to make the house payment. This must change in 2004.

The afternoon came sooner than I had hoped and before I knew it I was rushing out the door with every metrosexual bag I own strapped to my body.

It was the staff meeting for JJ’s Clubhouse and the scheduled day to take some snaps of the staff for their website which is in the process of, (not to mention in dire need of) a complete overhaul.

Their original site was thrown together sloppily shortly after they opened 4 years ago and it’s been a thorn in my side ever since. I just didn’t give it the design-love it needed, and stranded Kevin with the bulk of the project. It’s my fault… In 2000 I still had a very bad attitude about designing for the web. Through the nurturing peer-mentor support of chrisglass, practical experience, and Kevin getting spooky good at actionscript and other code-whizy crap,… we’ve now got a few web projects that I’m actually proud to show off.

Jeff left a note for the staff to all show up in their “work outfits”, which – for a butch gay bar means jeans, bar t-shirts and other tough-guy accessories.. (vests, chaps, little leather caps, etc).

Spent an hour taking each employee back to the clubhouse, (a huge converted garage attached to the main bar which opens on the weekends). Despite being a little frustrated with the unpredictable ancient camera-mount strobe, (I’ve owned since college), which actually works on the Sony, I had a lot of fun.

In the spirit of our new “nomad” business model for the new year – I set up shop in the back and got to work on other JJ’s projects while they had their staff meeting.

I really miss taking pictures.. If you ask me now why my career path didn’t go that way, I’m not sure I could tell you why. I’m half tempted to ask Kevin to arrange our budget to acquire some lighting kits this year so I can play more. I’d have to play catch up on many things though…

Maybe I should ask Suzy Gorman (*previously non-blogged – *no we didn’t do her site, though would love to), if she’d hire me as an assistant once a week so I can re-familiarize myself with studio gear – which I’m sure has changed over the last decade.

Maybe I should stop rambling like some kind of babbling bloging idiot.