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Day job coworkers joined us for darts last night at JJ’s…. Yup… The pattern holds true… When I go out and party with co-workers – I’m hung over bad the next day. ugh.

I’m sitting here power hydrating and preparing to spend the day running around in the cold taking shots of apartments… A solitary work day will be good because I’m pretty haggard and I’m nearly certain I smell funny.

wait… I’m breaking format… piss…

bloghold, subcategory = confession, nanocategory = crush

commentary: I mean… comrade is (well.. used to be) friggin smokin… and I’m not talkin virgin thigh-rolled cigars either….. and noooooo… I’m a… umm… *struggles*… social capitalist?, – not a commie.

serial hook = I’m babbling.

sight unseen

So… the good thing about cruising woofy blind guys is that you don’t have to worry about that whole awkward trading of glances thing.

The bad thing about cruising woofy blind guys is that you can’t make eye-contact and exchange that whole unspoken “urrr. duuude – why are you looking at me?” or “well hey there, I’m not wearing any underwear either” looks.

I’m going straight to chicken.

I’m so downloading the Hair soundtrack

I was going to post some pics that Chad took out in the garden yesterday… I emailed them to myself from the other computer but when I got to work this morning, they weren’t there…. I’ll have to share them tomorrow.

Had to rummage through archive photo discs yesterday for work and ran across the snaps from our trip up to PA in 2005 when we went to the Idlewild amusement park up in PA with Kevin and Chad’s family.

I found a couple pics of the long-haired, mondo-bearded hot guy I snuck a couple of shots of while we were in the water park. (*is that creepy or just another form of wildlife photography?)

This was around the time that I started finding hippy guys EXTREMELY hot.

Five years ago I would have shrieked and ran from the image above.

Now it inspires other activities.

Yes… some involving chickens.