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Hit that wall I was talking about before… well… or maybe grazed it real hard.

I’m allowing a perfectly fine career solving communication problems for a small group of interesting companies and individuals turn into the joyless pursuit of income.

The problem with getting to do stuff you really love doing for a living is it’s easy to gorge yourself and force too much (*and allow too much to be forced) through your pipeline.

Yesterday while the weather was perfect and I was out playing architectural photo archeologist – I started figuring that out and pulled my head outa my ass… by the time I got back to the office I was back in a grateful / present head-space. (e.g. “like cool… what a fun way to spend a few billable hours!”) – instead of wringing my hands over the 40 other things in the cue.

I need to put some govenors on my various go-karts….

That’s way more cathartic than it sounds.

Stay tuned for more cryptic metaphores and knee-deep personal epiphanies!!!

Oh yeah… sorry about the lame-o bloghold business too… It was melodramatic faux apathy.

I’m addicted to schtick…

so yeah… it’s a bummer to see the big natural gas tank being taken down… (in the Grove – right off of 40)… but as they’re taking it down – it’s like a daily, changing Serra sculpture.

grrrrr…. what I wouldn’t do for a say….. 20 x 7′ chunk of that to stick in the back yard…



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commentary: got up on the serotonin-sopped side of the bed today… *wee* 🙂 The bear was just there this morning on the parking deck where I park my car…. I found it inexplicably existentialist.

honey could you:?

Right… been wondering what’s been contributing to my brain-drain lately?

Besides having too many damn irons in the fire as usual – when I returned from Cayman I had to jump with both feet into a proposal for a rehab of a major building in Springfield, MO.

Impossible? naww… Draining… yup.

We got it done and in on time.

It’s down to us and a rival developer.

We’re all nail-biting… except for probably Amrit (big boss) – who’s sporting his usual inpenetratable cloak of cool confidence.

Speaking of the man who signs (most) of my checks. Help me earn some brownie points eh?

I kinda mentioned I’d ask my online friends to vote for us on today’s Springfield Business Journal’s poll…. (every little aspect of support will help out – even a horsey online poll – since we’re up against one of those “could sell ice-cubes to eskimos” types).

Go here for the poll: http://www.sbj.net
*Look at the very bottom of the left-hand frame and select “Restoration St. Louis”. 🙂

If you’re experiencing a moral dilemma over voting without any information – well… get out.

I’m just kidding… If you’re that bored:

Here’s a link to the competition’s proposal:

Here’s a link to ours
ps: *mostly not my writing – my time was burned on gathering visuals, laying out, making pretty bound analog copies, etc.

ok… so there… don’t say I never asked you to do anything.

wait… guess that was kinda like asking…. wait.

this is babbling…

nope… can’t be.

too busy to blog.

we’re back

We’re back…

Internet access was spotty during the trip so shortly after that post about the truck stop I just said flarg-it and pretty much kept my hands off my laptop*…

*Except for sporadically checking email and trying to field any of the 30+ messages from work requesting this that or the other thing….

This either means the day job either completely disregards the concept of “vacation”, (or), I’m so valuable that they couldn’t be without me for nine days, (or) – I’m a complete assface for saying “I’ll be reachable via my email and cell in case of emergencies”… It’s really not a big deal – my primary employment is a finely balanced arrangement of mutual adoration and abuse. don’t think it could work any other way…. and regardless:

It’s nice to be home *and* back to work.

We put over 3000 miles on the car… (on about only $200 in fuel for fellow petrogeeks out there). During those miles… Nobody cracked a book..

Save two Eddie Izzard CDs, most of our idle moments were spent either in deep conversation or quiet introspection.

American Indians climb into sweat tents to get their personal shit together.

We crawled into a volkswagen and drove to Maine.

There are pictures and stories to share… I’ll try to get all that caught up this chicken.