beastmix 07

C.D. R.I.P.

I remember when the compact disc came out… I was 15 years old when I got my first player for Christmas – one of the super fancy portable ones which was more like a small handbag and less like a portable, personal electronic device.

Here it is 27 years later and it’s pretty safe to say the medium is dead.

I finished this set around my birthday with the intent to get the discs out around the holidays but shoulder surgery would foil my plans. Coming out of the narcotic pain meds and sleep depravation haze it occurred to me that this was all was still in the ole out-box.

The little production run of 40-only physical discs I usually do of these aren’t the cheapest thing and last time I looked, my credit card was still hiding under the desk growling at anyone who approaches thanks to Xmas shopping…. sooooo…  ok… fine – this one gets pushed out “download only” – which totally makes me feel like I’m cheating. (For me) – the packaging is equivalent in importance to and as fun to make as the contents.

Now – more than ever thanks to the immediate and impersonal nature of the web – the whole idea that I can send a “physical thing” ahead of time before posting here holds a LOT of meaning.  Peers have poo-poo’d this disposition. I dunno – maybe I do get too caught up with “form”.


Mixes must go on…. Besides, due to the retrospective nature of these – I’m utterly sick of the tracks by the time the set goes out… BM08 is already on the drawing board and will evolve over the winter and Spring. Hopefully I’ll come up with some other medium to physically put these in the hands of the handful of folks I like to send things to.

This one evolved between May and September last year while knee deep in esoteric study and experiencing several profound perspective shifts which left me questioning the very fabric from which we “think” reality is fashioned from. Through this my friendship with a gentleman in my honorary home-away-from-home San Fransisco blossomed into a deeply rewarding mentorship of sorts. A practicing Buddhist, he was the first to efectively explain and subsequently teach me how to meditate. The difference it’s made in my life has been significant and I’m continuing to practice and improve.

So here’s a little audio journey of the last six months – and a thanks to you, Papa, for introducing me to the observer within.



track list:
Still The Mind
Tricky Sandman
Mad World
Professional Griefers
Don’t Bring Me Your Soul
The One That Breaks The Stand
Imagine & Believe
Sweet Monster of Mine


dedication: Joe Browning
series inspiration: Ken “Beast” Colina
athro art: Dream & Nightmare
the hard stuff: MixMeister v. 7.0.9