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end of heatwave

haven’t showed any pictures of Loki lately… not growing like a weed anymore – but from the research we’ve been able to piece together – he’s going to continue to grow for another 2 or 3 years.

Poor guy is miserable in this heat – but is going stir crazy because we’ve been keeping all the blinds drawn.

Heat broke today – it’s 95 out!

where’s my sweater.

seeing the light(s)

Click here for a larger version of the above picture.

I didn’t mention this a few weeks back for no apparent reason other than I’ve only just now gotten to mess around with this.

Alise, – my first employer out of college / mentor / friend… (Don’t confuse “A”lise for “E”lise – the goddess of the black bar) – rather out of the blue called me and asked if I’d like to have some of her old lighting equipment…. I said SURE – and asked if I could do anything for her…. She mentioned the postcards I layout for her annually.

I’ve been doing these for her for a decade…. It’s all based on a grid now and doesn’t take long to layout and prep for press at all… soooo… As far as I see it – she basically said “Would you like to take my old strobe kit for free?”…

Just like the old days.. This was the same rig I used when I was her fresh outa school monkey boy assistant.

Balcor… 2400 watts…. 2 heads… Couple of dishes…

Obviously not enough to run out and open a studio… but a nice tool to get reacquainted with.

Serendipity would arrange all this… Alise had no knowledge of my new years resolution to take more pictures this year…

Serendipity? wrong word? maybe it’s a Secret… (*winks at <“ljuser = sarahparah”>*)

Anyway – the lights would sit in my office for damn near a month…

Last week one of my irregular freelance clients called wanting some food pics done. (I’ve done these before for them – but using natural light).

Voila… an excuse to get off my ass and hook the damn things up and start testing.

Kevin built me a clever light tent last night out of PVC and a fitted sheet…

Messed around by sticking the cats in the box and shooting them… (I haven’t gotten any background paper yet… better do that sometime before tomorrow’s shoot… ugh)…

but wait! there’s nothing more tedious photo geek babble…. so I’ll spare you my hand wringing over remembering how to work with the exposures and what-not – and just try to post experiments as I do them. 🙂

did i mention our huge pussy?

Someone asked if the woodpile in the front of the house was Loki’s new litter-box.

I’m creepily getting the feeling that perhaps he’s *our* keeper and not the other way around.

Totally overslept this morning… no time for chicken.