like a true natures child

Started dealing with dad’s estate stuff.

Little overwhelming… just insisting on taking things methodically slow.

Cart… Horse… Left foot… Right foot.

Step 1 – Liquidate the car… The proceeds will pay off the Funeral home, get a decent monument for the cemetery and throw enough cash into a holding account to keep the house in South County running this year as we excavate.

I took it out on Saturday for a drive to run through the car wash and take some pics to throw onto Craig’s List.

So there I was…

Hippy-fried, TDI drivin, art-fag German car lovin grump ass… mildly annoyed that I have to take this big monstrosity out for a spin to keep it’s battery alive and go wash it so it’s presentable.

I flipped on the stereo to help drown out the growling V8 and performance exhaust….

Unbeknownst to me there was a CD loaded in the player…. It picked right up playing from the point of what had to be one of the last times dad was in the car when he could still drive.

It was Steppenwolf….

“heh… figures.”

My instinctive eye-roll was interrupted by a creeping grin across my face.

I looked down at the tachometer… put in the clutch and punched the accelerator.

The car let out a huge growl – I grinned again.

Punched up the volume and laid a patch of rubber from third gear.

I took the long way to the car wash.