the youth in Asia

“Blizzard” was found by Kevin near the dumpster of an apartment building… His original owner, an acquaintance through other friends, had thrown him out because he kept impregnating his other cats.

Kevin took the starving cat home and tried to get him cleaned up as best as possible but his long white hair had matted and turned into knots…. So Kevin shaved him and renamed him “Knottingham”.

For the next few weeks, Kevin’s former lover would think he was hallucinating because he could have sworn he kept seeing a shaved cat just out of the corner of his eye.

Knotty would remain one of those skittish cats for years to come… until Kevin moved to Saint Louis and shacked up with this neurotic graphic designer with a monkey nickname.

Just a few days after Kevin moved in, I was sitting at my desk working away when I got this odd feeling like I was being watched.

The cat had jumped into the open desk drawer to my right, had curled up in a ball and was watching me… mesmerized…. I returned the look and smiled…. I made a friend with the cat who for years prior wouldn’t take to ANYONE – let alone come out of hiding.

Knots was a ham – he could work the camera as good (if not better) than many of the primate descended subjects I’ve shot.

Knots really…. really… loved tuna…

Knots had a thing for scratching wood – but like his owner – only liked the expensive stuff. If you put him in a room with 12 catnip rubbed scratching poles and an Eames lounge chair… 20 to 1 – he’d go for the Eames… That’s my boy.

Knots was very particular about his box…. lunar cycles or mercury’s orbit or .. something – seemed to govern his approval of the litter….

Knots “barked” (talked) a lot…

Knots did NOT like the Dyson.

Knots did REALLY like the laser pointer.

Knots would come in a tell me goodnight… every night… without fail.

Knots feLl prey to renal failure due to several age-related conditions.

Knots left us today at 5:15pm with the help of our vet who came to our house.

Knots baby I love you… go bug dad till I get there.