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Knitting Kubric Style

Yesterday I stayed at home… urr… I mean “work” , Kevin took Chad in and went to the old office to wait for the gas and electric men to show up and turn things off.

The space now being phoneless, internetless, computerless, furnitureless (except for our chairs) didn’t offer him much in the way of distraction so he grabbed his knitting bag and was off.

I gave Chad the camera, a quick bounce-flash tutorial and told him to take a photo when he got off work since I’m running thin on non-blog material. I think he did a good job!

It’s fun to see other folks playing with cameras… Especially those that have a knack at seeing – but no training. Formal education and work history can sometimes be a burden. More often than not when I’m snapping something the guys will yell: “oh would you just take the damn photo!” – (meanwhile I’m holding up wrestling with reflector cards, bouncing flashes into my forearm (throws a pleasing warm color), or fiddle futzing with this or that. Going digital has helped me try to re-embrace spontaneity.

Got a decent amount of work done… A tiny signage program and a storyboard for an upcoming Flash gig.

I realized that in all this upheaval of late, (and general suburban “nesting”), we haven’t seen a lot of our friends lately.

I’m feeling friend-needy.

I’m not blogging.



Yesterday was “mostly” move day.

It took about 4 trips, slip-n-slide-style in the VW dodging over-confident soccer-moms in their H2s and Navigators.

Our original intention was to take the big stuff that won’t fit in the house and store it at my dad’s until spring-time when we would then re-schlep everything to my driveway to sell in the upcoming garage sale.

The truck we secured for the big stuff was out of commission from the ice.

In a single moment of clarity and calm I got it:

“fuck it. Fuck it all. – in the end – it means nothing to me”…

The hassle, headache and effort of moving the two desks, a shelving unit and a sofa would probably not offer “that” much in a garage sale. Maybe $400 if we were lucky.

so… Why was I freaking out trying to horde this CRAP only to peddle it later?

Knowing bulk pick-up for the city was coming up – we moved the stuff to the curb..

vacating office

Standing there, feet frozen, I got a strange sensation. Sitting right there on the street was a symbol of what we’ve talked about doing with the company since 2001. And – at the same time – the symbol of me deciding back in 96′ to go it alone and go into business.

I bought my first chunky old school desk when I got my first apartment. I found it at a used furniture warehouse in what once was a dark dirty corner of St. Louis. (Now a parking lot for St. Louis University).

I paid $180 for it – and it required disassembly and several trips to get it back in my little Golf.

That desk has had 4 different macs on it.
I’ve spilled countless cups of coffee on it.
I’ve billed a quarter of a million dollars from that desk.
I’ve had sex on it.

I was sitting at that desk when every major decision about the company has been made – including getting rid of the desk itself.

It’s not the the physical item that has true worth – it’s the experience and memories attached to it.

On our trip back to the studio for the next load we passed a snow plow truck with the desk stuck in the back of it. I smiled…. Knowing that old thing has a new home and wondering what adventures it will have.

Everything we had put out had been snapped up within an hour. A good day for dumpster divers.

Now after that big babblefest about material things and their meaning – I should note that I’m not giving up our Aeron chairs for nothing – even if it means rolling them by hand the 20 miles out to our suburban home.

And while I’m being a hypocrite, I should also point out that I’m not blogging.