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hotel blackhawk

Fun assignment to go and shoot some photos at the newly renovated Hotel Blackhawk in Davenport, Iowa for Restoration Saint Louis.

The RSTL folks are old pros at reinventing buildings – but this marks their first foray into hotels… and they did a great job.

The best thing about shooting hospitality projects?

Getting to stay in a reeeeealy nice room after working all day.  🙂


higher rez



I’m gonna be out of the office most of the week picking up shots work has needed forever…. lobbies… facades….. garages?

Cool by me – more practical on-assignment time I have – the more technical wiz-gigs I learn / figure out.

Speaking of… “The Nikon Creative Lighting System” should be referred to as the “Nikon Creative Path to Personal Bankruptsy System”… (*this allows you to remote-control a bunch of little flash units you can theoretically pepper all around your photo)….

Once you start figuring it out – you begin fighting the compulsion to run out and buy more stuff.

I’m resisting… thus far.

Better earn some jack with this rig else my lovers will have amazing guilt-trip material by pointing out that while yes I can take great pictures… we still don’t have new windows on the house.


*dial tone*


So I would have said a little something more about how I’m noticing stuff now that I hadn’t before.. Like the incredible nature of the light right now.. (around 6:45PM)…


The rest is a pixel-geek pleas – so move on if you’re not familiar with Photoshop.

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