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so let the sunshine in… and …

Went to go see Sunshine last night.

Not as bad as I was bracing for… not as good as I was hoping either.

Sokay – writing wonkness aside – it scratched my LONGING FOR MORE SCI-FI.

I’m so sick of wizards, elves, werewolves (and other iron-age lore) I could just barf.




just did.

Speaking of film trends… this was a bleak one too.

seems to be the mood / tone du-decade.

understandably I guess – but it doesn’t make me want to fork over eight bucks to sit around and feel queasy and have nightmares later.

No thanks…. I’ll just turn on the news for that.

nodss to soundbear – the film, sonically, *was* finely crafted.


a story suckly

A Scanner Darkly came by Netflix.

The title doesn’t quite make sense does it…

Neither did the story…. and I don’t think it’s one of those deals where I’m simply not “smart enough” to get it.

To say the story sucked would be an admission that there *was* a story.

why am I sounding so bitchy about this?

… because the film was so damn pretty to look at!

The scramble-suit effect was hypnotic… as well as a few other scenes…. for other reasons.

I want to watch it again – maybe less sleepy will help.

ehhhh.. film babble… (*yawn*)

a little nausea now and then isn’t bad

If asked: “Have you seen Children of Men yet?”
I’ll reply: “Yes”

If asked: “Would you see it again?”
I’ll reply: “No”

If asked: “Did you like the film?”
I’ll reply: “Yes”

If asked: “Aren’t you going to babble about it?”
I’ll reply: “I can’t talk about it without getting that same queasy hopeless feeling I got in the theater while watching it… I mean… I think it was one of the better flicks I’ve seen in a while… the story tellers just did a great job making you… wait… I said I wasn’t going to babble about it… Just go check it out if you get a chance…. preferably on an empty stomach.”

there can be only one… urr.. well.. 3 right?

Sorry – been hard to journal lately… Feels like I’ve been running from task to task for the last few days… not in that hectic way… no… a really good way… like I’ve got all sortsa traction on all fronts right now.

Ironic… When I’m being productive – my journal suffers… Guess it’s all “productivity” – but I’ve only got so much bandwidth to work with.

/ digress

Snickernote worthy:

We had one of those Netflix blackouts where we’ve been movieless for the last few days… This caused us to haul out the DVD binder and get into our own library for a change.

We grabbed Kevin’s favorite movie,…. “Highlander”…

Yeah… He’s in that age bracket that REALLY digs the sword slinging trilogy… This is the same bracket that really thinks Europe’s “The Final Countdown” is a rockin tune.

Seen the show Arrested Development? Familiar with the character Job? The writers of the show deftly sketched that tiny two-year window that I’ve started referring to “Generation Cheese”.


Cheese indeed… I hadn’t watched The Highlander in well over a decade if not more…. My memory of the flick was fairly neutral but not negative.

Oh… My… godness… What a silly movie… silly? wait – not maybe that’s not right… I mean the story was fine and all… But I was captivated by the super silly cinematography. Gratuitous crane and swoopy loopy steady-cam.

On revisiting the the 1986 “classic?” – I also realized a few new things:

1) Christopher Lambert exhibits all the facial acuity and expressiveness of a dolmation.

2) Girls hairstyles in the 80’s made it look like everyone was walking around with really pissed off animals on their heads.


(insert clever serial ending here)