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cabbages and peas

So I’ve got this online friend who’s a bit of a character. (go figure).

We’ll chat occasionally on iChatâ„¢. Outside of that – our interaction is rather one-sided with me tending to be on the receiving end of either video clips of him playing with his enormous genitalia,… or… really obscure music.

I’m a sucker for holiday cheese-ball double entendres…. Kinda like some folks love The Three Stooges.

No.. it’s not funny… *smile*…. say it again.

Nobody said the sexual revolution in the 20th Century was pretty.

That said – it was really not much more than limited resources and a shitty work schedule which kept me from being conceived on a blanket at Woodstock rather than my Grandparent’s basement….

well – alright – woodstock was 69… I was born in 71… I was just trying to be literally colorful.

But this album is from 1957… had to have been CRAZY RACY for the day.

Anyway – this kinda stuff just titilates the armchair degree-less socioantropologist in me.

Anyway (x2) – thought this would make someone else giggle on a Friday…. sure did for me. 🙂