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sing it gurl

Trent Reznor used to have the corner of the “fucked up from a break up” market… until this female singer named Adele emerged within the last year or so.

If you get through her album in one emotional piece you just want to send her flowers and give her a hug.

Sex sells.
Empathy sells better…

If you can listen to a song and go “oh wow… sing it gurl,… I know your pain.” – that’s sheer goldmine material… and goldmine it’s been… and good on her…

Her single “Rolling in the Deep” was ironically getting heavy radio play right around the time my heart got torn out and chewed up. The last verse of the song became almost a daily affirmation for me which got me through most of the pain. I wrote an abbreviated passage from the song on the mirror in my room so I’d see it every day.

Throw your soul through every open door
Count your blessings to find what you look for
Turn my sorrow into treasured gold
You’ll pay me back in kind and reap just what you’ve sown

Turn it into gold she has – she’s sold a ton of records.

get grateful - get to work!

I took sister-thang’s advice and poured my ache right into projects… work…. and myself:
January and February 2012 were record months for my business – puling more billable hours per-month than I have in 4 years.
I’m back to the gym and looking like I give a shit about my body again.
I’ve got 3 entrepreneurial irons in the fire with colleagues.

Thanks Adele…  you rumplestiltskin of the heart.

Keep spinning that gold from your broken heart strings…. and good lord girl – find yourself a good man. You deserve one… (and so do i – but I can wait on that.)



liner note portraitalright – so these little projects have started turning into total spank-o-thon self-expression projects…
Totaly perfect though because of the combination of design, photo and piddling with music.

This one’s an angry one. I maintain though that focusing all of my pain from the year’s emotional clusterfuck and subsequent broken heart and home into one… succinct… laser-focused effort was healthier and way less annoying and pathetic than a chain of  teenage publicly inappropriate FaceBook status updates.

Passive-aggressive anger is better… or is that bitter… (?)
You at least have to come here under your own free click-wheel to hear me whine…
Or – if you’re really special to me – you get a hard copy in your mailbox. 🙂


so –
apologies for the angst…
But serious gratitude for letting me share it…

track list:

01: introduction
02: jump you fucker
03: only
04: beautiful liar
05: if you could read my mind
06: the tamperer / feel it
07: the one who changed the way i love
08: we found love
09: rolling in the deep
10: no (more) service
11: kornplay
12: echo / release


download the file

dedication: a mistake
series inspiration: Ken “Beast” Colina
blood & photo assist: DJcubster
the hard stuff: MixMeister  v. 7.0.9

cabbages and peas

So I’ve got this online friend who’s a bit of a character. (go figure).

We’ll chat occasionally on iChatâ„¢. Outside of that – our interaction is rather one-sided with me tending to be on the receiving end of either video clips of him playing with his enormous genitalia,… or… really obscure music.

I’m a sucker for holiday cheese-ball double entendres…. Kinda like some folks love The Three Stooges.

No.. it’s not funny… *smile*…. say it again.

Nobody said the sexual revolution in the 20th Century was pretty.

That said – it was really not much more than limited resources and a shitty work schedule which kept me from being conceived on a blanket at Woodstock rather than my Grandparent’s basement….

well – alright – woodstock was 69… I was born in 71… I was just trying to be literally colorful.

But this album is from 1957… had to have been CRAZY RACY for the day.

Anyway – this kinda stuff just titilates the armchair degree-less socioantropologist in me.

Anyway (x2) – thought this would make someone else giggle on a Friday…. sure did for me. 🙂


This came up in conversation last night and these kinds of notions tickle the pee outa me. I think this means I should have taken more sociology and/or anthropology in school.

Anyway… We’ve been digging mash-ups for a few years now… Chad’s addicted to the hunt involved in finding and knowing all the best bootleg sites to download these things.

So… while we started wondering what the next DJ / Electronic / Dance music craze is going to be – we started really pondering *what* these mash-ups represented…

Is it a trend? An audio parlor trick facilitated by new technology to fade in popularity like the use of a wah-wah peddle or something else?


Considering that technology is only going to continue to develop and make it easier for our little pattern-finding human brains to find new meaning by uniting different songs, sounds, pictures, .. (whatever)… – will the “Mash-Up” become it’s own genre from here on out? For example – imagine browsing the iTunes Omnimedia Store in twenty years and you’ll be given a choice to browse for kinds of music… “Instrumental”… “Jazz”…. “Classical”…. “Rock”…. “Mash-Up”…

I dunno… guess neither do you… but it’s fun to talk about this kinda stuff isn’t it?


(*insert clever serial ending here*)