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liner note portraitalright – so these little projects have started turning into total spank-o-thon self-expression projects…
Totaly perfect though because of the combination of design, photo and piddling with music.

This one’s an angry one. I maintain though that focusing all of my pain from the year’s emotional clusterfuck and subsequent broken heart and home into one… succinct… laser-focused effort was healthier and way less annoying and pathetic than a chain of  teenage publicly inappropriate FaceBook status updates.

Passive-aggressive anger is better… or is that bitter… (?)
You at least have to come here under your own free click-wheel to hear me whine…
Or – if you’re really special to me – you get a hard copy in your mailbox. 🙂


so –
apologies for the angst…
But serious gratitude for letting me share it…

track list:

01: introduction
02: jump you fucker
03: only
04: beautiful liar
05: if you could read my mind
06: the tamperer / feel it
07: the one who changed the way i love
08: we found love
09: rolling in the deep
10: no (more) service
11: kornplay
12: echo / release


download the file

dedication: a mistake
series inspiration: Ken “Beast” Colina
blood & photo assist: DJcubster
the hard stuff: MixMeister  v. 7.0.9