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One of the local bear club board members called me last night and asked if I’d be interested in shooting a fundraising calendar featuring the hotter and/or less shy members of the club.

I said I’d think about it and get back with them. (I’m getting better at just knee-jerk saying “yes” every time someone asks me to do something for free).

There must be a line somewhere between generous and mercenary asshole… I’m still searching for it.

Thinking about saying yes though…

If I spread it out over several months it wouldn’t make that big of a time impact….

and I did justify the Nikon purchase by promising myself I’d use it to push my career further along and just not use it to shoot empty apartments……

and I’ll get to shoot pseudo-sexy pics of some seriously sweet-on-the-eyes fellas like my chronic obsession of half a decade, John, (a.k.a. “Crash”)…

and I get to oh look a chicken.

90 bucks

Last time we stopped by the bar we picked up a flyer for a fundraiser the local bear club was having,… at all places… an Applebee’s

Out of the obscene number of them that pepper the suburban St. Louis Landscape – it was at the one who’s parking lot literally backs up to one side of our subdivision. (Apparently they do this thing where your organization can host a night there and a percentage of the ring goes to your charity of choice.)

So… Despite being exiled from the urban-dwelling club-card carrying bear boys,…. and despite our “No-Chain-Food Please” rule…. We figured helping to raise cash for local AIDS charities is a good excuse to get outa the house.

Saw some friendly familiars from the club and schmoozed a little, but we pretty much were left alone. I can only imagine how me must be perceived by the “club”…. OH.. it’s “THOSE” three.. the ones that left the city… quit going out and… and… (gasp) – hang out excessively with a straight girl and are god-fathered to her son.

My god – we ARE circus freaks… At least when I put myself in their shoes.

No matter.

We took the governor off the go-cart and went nuts ordering appetizers, main dishes AND deserts…

3-course dinner for 5? $90.00… (apparently at Applebee’s is a lot)… I guess it’d be like blowing $15 at White Castle… (I’ve done this before and I’m still ashamed).

We insisted that Andrew get the most intensely chocolate thing on the menu…. All the while shooting playfully evil looks at his mother who tries to keep him away from sweets and on a natural / organic diet.

Chocolate + Andrew = Whirling Dervish

Elise retaliated by asking Andrew if he’d like to spend the night at OUR place.

Touche woman.. TOUCHE.

Je pas blogging.

seeks same

Up later than normal and had interrupted sleep last night.

When my brain is too mushy to digest anything with any real content, I’ll surf hirsute sites such as bear411™. It’s like Friendster for fat hairy homos… Some are looking for love, some for sex and others just friends and new drinking buddies.

Aside from the base-thrill of thumbing through forty-three some-odd thousand people who mostly don’t mind posting their naughty-bits on the internet – I get a perverse thrill out of reading what people write about themselves.

Why would anyone label themselves “average”.

“Hello sir… would you like the clam chowder made with exotic spices and New England clams….. or… the paste.”

“Oh.. I’ll just have the paste thank you.. Yup I’m a paste kinda guy.”

Maybe I’m dangerously confusing “Simple” for “Average”… In school “average” was a “C” and generally the invitation for the “go ahead and work at a gas station for the rest of your life” lecture from my dad… *I bet tenured employees at Valvoline Quickie Oil Change have health insurance.

While I’m at it… why would anyone “Seek Same”.

Is it a fear of the unknown or a form of narcissism?

I for one would kill me if made to date myself…

This little factoid keeps me in a constant state of gratitude and awe. Not only can I wake up in the morning without an axe in the back of my head – but they actually love me too.

I’m not blogging – I’m trying to wake up…

(*reaches behind head and feels*)

Yup.. No axe.